Why am i sleeping so much
Why Am I Sleeping So Much

12 Reasons Why Am I Sleeping So Much?

There are people who ask, why am I sleeping so much? Here is the explanation.

The duration and quality of sleep vary widely in each person. Dr. Ana C. Krieger, medical director of the Centre for Sleep Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, New York stated that it usually depends on the circumstances and conditions of each individual. Longer sleep can also be one of the body’s responses to certain health problems. Various other factors that can be the cause of the person sleeps longer.

Normal bedtime is about 8 hours each night. But, in some cases, a person’s sleep time can be longer than the time.

Reasons Why Am I Sleeping So Much

There are several aswers for question, Why Am I Sleeping So Much?

Genetic factors.

The research shows that some people need more sleep than others. This requirement is one of them depends on one’s genetic makeup.

Some people may only take 3 to 4 hours to restore the stamina. While others take more than 10 hours so the body can do normal activities.

Scientists believe that this relates to the circadian rhythm of a person, which is the cycle involved in sleeping and waking patterns every day. This cycle is influenced by genetic factors.

Drug abuse.

The use of certain substances, such as alco**hol and medicines, can make people feel more tired and sleepy. Medication or alco**hol should be consumed responsibly and consulted by experts if it is necessary.

Research at the National Institute on Alco**hol Abuse and Alco**holism mentions that alco**hol consumption near the time of sleep is influential in the majority of body conditions that later affect sleep, causing sleep cycles for too long. These include the deviation of the clock and alarm of the body, nerve in the brain, hormonal function, and also sleep physiology.

Stress and depression.

Depression is a major cause of sleep longer than usual. People who are naturally stressed and depressed may feel tired and difficult to wake up. Deep sleep is associated with atypical depression, a disorder that causes people to gain weight and discomfort.

Sleep Disorders.

You can be suffering from one of several sleep disorders, which results in a longer day start. One is hypersomnia, or “Sleep drunk” This disorder is so named, for When it awakens, the sufferer will feel lost in direction.

A person with hypersomnia can be very hard to wake up, and 10 hours is not enough. They can take a nap for two or three hours, and feel still needs to close their eyes.

You can experience this disorder at any age, and the cause remains unknown.

A rare nerve disorder called Kleine-Levin syndrome, or “Sleeping Princess Syndrome” can also lead to extremely severe sleep requirements.

They could spend 15 or 20 hours on a mattress for days or weeks at a time, and only woke up to defecate and eat.

Research finds, this syndrome affects only one in one million people.

Sleep Apnea.

Another cause is obstructive sleep apnea. This disorder causes people to stop breathing while asleep, which can lead to increased sleep needs. That’s because it interferes with normal sleep cycles.

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Environmental factors.

Reasons why am i sleeping so much

Environmental factors can trigger excessive sleep. Sleeping in a room that is too hot or too cold could potentially cause restlessness all night.

Sleepless bedtime and waking up often result in poor sleep quality. That’s why, it’s important that you have good sleep time and without distractions.

Uncomfortable beds also make you often change sleep positions throughout the night, reducing sleep quality.

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Consuming too many drinks that contain caffeine before bedtime makes you trouble falling asleep.

Caffeine is a stimulant that accelerates the body’s system and inhibits the natural production of agents in adenosine sleep. Adenosine helps the body to sleep well.

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Other reasons.

  • Mental health problems.
  • Highly sensitive people.
  • Certain medical conditions.
  • Fatigue.
  • Very poor sleep.

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