Paleo diet weight loss
Paleo Diet Weight Loss

Paleo Diet Weight Loss: 11 Food List, Advantage / Disadvantages, and Tips To Success

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Paleo Diet Weight Loss: Food List, Advantage / Disadvantages, and Tips To Success – Is it true that the Paleo diet effectively lose weight significantly? How do you run a Paleo diet? Let’s see the following explanation.

The term Paleo is short for Paleolithic period, which is part of the ancient period known as the term Stone Age. The Paleo dietary principle is to consume food such as those made by humans living in the stone age.

One of the most popular Paleo diet claims is eating like people in prehistoric times or cavemen will effectively lose weight.

Loren Cordain, the PhD who writes the book “The Paleo Diet” also says this Diet could lower the risk of diabetes, heart pain, cancer, and other health problems. Well, that is definitely the question of whether the Paleo diet is true according to its claim.

The essence of this Paleo diet is to lose weight, of course, need to trim calories or follow the principle of calorie deficit.

Paleo Diet Weight Loss Food List

Food that is recommended to be consumed according to this diet is the food that the caveman has obtained by hunting, fishing, or found in nature. In general, the food is meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. Other types of food that can be categorized cave human food are tubers and shellfish.

Although it cannot imitate one hundred percent of what the caveman consumed, there is a modified version of today’s modern food. The one that is used as a benchmark is gluten-free. Gluten itself is like glue or adhesive which is a combination of proteins that can be found in wheat.

The eligible food groups, among others:

  • Vegetables.
  • Fruits.
  • Legumes and grains are free of pesticides and fungicide.
  • Meat that is low in fat, especially those fed with grass or looking for their own food.
  • Fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, mackerel, and tuna.
  • Oils derived from grains and nuts, such as olive oil and walnut oil.

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In the Paleo diet weight loss, some of the following types of food below are recommended to avoid.

  • Various dairy products.
  • Lentils, peas, and peanut.
  • Grains and potatoes.
  • Salt.
  • Processed sugar.
  • All packaged foods in general.

Those who do the Paleo diet are recommended not to consume other beverages in addition to plain water, coconut water, or organic green tea. If you want to give a sweet taste to the food, you can use genuine honey or coconut sugar. While it is permissible, consumption of raw honey and coconut sugar should be limited. For sure, these dieters should keep their physical activity on a regular basis.

Advantages and disadvantages of Paleo diet weight loss

Scientifically, the Paleo diet has advantages and disadvantages. Yes, indeed there are some scientific studies that prove that the Paleo diet can lose weight. But the study was only done in the short term and did not involve many subjects in their research.

Therefore, the real effect of the Paleo diet is still questionable, especially regarding its long term effects.

Nevertheless, the positive side of the Paleo diet is to avoid someone from consumption of sugar and processed food that can harm health. But there are also disadvantages of Paleo diets to know.

The cereal avoided by the Paleo diet should be a good source of fiber and energy for the body. Legume vegetables are also not recommended to be consumed on this diet, but this vegetable is high in protein.

Salt is also not to be used at all in the Paleo diet. It can increase the risk of electrolyte disorders and iodine deficiency.

Tips for a successful Paleo Diet Weight Loss

Tips for a successful paleo diet weight loss
Paleo Diet Weight Loss: 11 Food List, Advantage / Disadvantages, and Tips To Success 2

Maintain a healthy diet

Paleo is very effective for weight loss because of its ability to help reduce calories and unknowingly limit it. Studies show that regulating dietary patterns cause the feeding portion to be fewer, which ultimately makes weight loss.

The basics of healthy foods include proteins, such as meat or fish, many vegetables without flour, intact nutrients from carbohydrates and from vegetables, tubers, or fruit, as well as some healthy fats. We recommend that you do not have too much extra additives and flavoring when cooking the food.

Be sure to eat well

Many who assume a little meal will be better in losing weight. Such thoughts cause you to lose calories and the body’s nutrients to function optimally, increase stress, it can also reduce calorie intake, which can lower the body’s metabolic rate.

Special, the Paleo diet is faster to satiate because of the calories and eat less consumption without feeling hungry and make you count the number of calories. That means you can consume foods that are filling without having to calculate calories because you eat less.

Eating enough carbohydrates

There is no need to limit carbohydrates, which is important to match the intake of carbohydrates with exercise. If the lack of carbohydrate intake, you are not just losing weight, but can also experience fatigue and muscle damage if too much exercise without adequate intake of carbohydrates.

Activities throughout the day

Do not sit too much because it can reduce activities to lose weight. You have to be active all day, not only spending 60 minutes in the gym. Applying habit moving throughout the day is not only able to make weight loss, but also improve health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Don’t Paleo diet alone

The hardest thing to lose weight is to do it alone because there are certainly many distractions from people who do not do this diet. You can be more successful when doing it together, it can be with family, spouse, or friends.

Set a healthy lifestyle

Studies show that those who have social support, the ability to handle stress, and responsible in life are more likely to sustain weight after losing weight. Focus on managing daily stress by meditation or yoga. Make a shopping list and meal plan to help reduce stress and initiate a great lifestyle change.

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