How to reduce belly naturally
How to reduce belly naturally (Image: Pixabay)

How To Reduce Belly Fat Naturally in 7 Easy Ways

How to reduce belly fat naturally – Unlike the women distribute fat throughout the body; men tend to hoard all the fat in one area of the body, i.e. In the stomach. Excessive fat in the stomach will make appearances less interesting.

Having a slim belly is a dream of many people. Not only makes the body look more ideal, but the stomach that has less fat can decrease the potential for disease such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Due to this health reason, it is highly recommended to reduce fat in the stomach. Fat in the stomach can be estimated by measuring the waist circumference. For women, if the waist circumference reaches more than 88 cm indicates a condition called abdominal obesity.

Unfortunately, reduce belly fat is not easy. It takes effort, even hours a day.

But don’t worry, there are many ways to reduce fat in the stomach, either with or without exercise. Here are the ways to reduce fat in the stomach in a healthy and natural.

How to reduce belly fat naturally

There are some lifestyles that can help you to reduce belly naturally.


One way to eliminate fat guy is running, or, more specifically jogging. But this sport is not efficient to remove fat and can cause injury, because the body weight, making the weight of the body is focused on the joints of your feet.

Better, do walking exercise, but focus on efforts to establish the strength of the abdominal muscles and reduce body mass. It can burn calories more effectively than running.

The intensity of running.

The next way how to reduce belly fat naturally is the intensity of running.

Another reason that jogging is not effective in burning fat is, most men running with the slow and constant speed. Even better, try to do a high intensity activity for 20 minutes.

Try to sleep 8 hours every night

If you sleep late, you may be spending time to watching television and eating junk food. All these things will make the body difficult to build muscle.

Drink more water every day.

Eating foods rich in water content such as foods rich in fiber and green vegetables can help you feel full and prevent you from eating too much. In addition, drink a glass of water after waking up.

With consumption of beans

Surely you are familiar with this type of vegetable because usually it is often made as a complement to a delicious and fresh soup or it can be stir-fried as a variety of cooking.

But do you know? Beans contain substances named flavonoids that serve as antioxidants to prevent free radical cells and facilitate the metabolism in the body.

Thus, Beans will help reduce the fat in the stomach while maintaining the health of your body.

Eating watermelon

Fresh fruit that is often dominated by red color has a lot of water content, so it is very helpful for your diet program to shrink the belly fat while giving the effect of satiety longer.

In addition, with its natural fibers that plays an important role in helping the body detoxification process, especially in the digestive organs, so that the intestines return to clean.

With the digestive organs, including a clean colon, it will make the body’s metabolism more smoothly and the body’s ability to burn stubborn fat will increase anyway.

Make a lifestyle change from now.

Once you’ve become accustomed to eating, drinking and exercise, good habits can cause changes in body shape.

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