How to cure adhd
How To Cure ADHD

How To Cure ADHD

Although it could not be cured completely, there are several types of drugs and therapies for ADHD to choose from. This handling steps performed to relieve symptoms so that sufferers can enjoy a normal life and higher quality. The combination of medication and therapy has generally been the best step to deal with ADHD.

However, there are no shortcuts to deal with ADHD. It takes a commitment of time, emotional, financial to find the right combination of ADHD treatment methods that work for you or your child.

How To Cure ADHD

How to cure ADHD with drugs.

Although can’t heal, drugs can reduce symptoms of ADHD. There are 5 types of drugs that are commonly used, namely, methylphenidate, atomoxetine, lisdexamfetamine, dexamfetamine and guanfacine. By consuming them, these medications will make the sufferer becomes calmer and lowering the impulsive attitude so that sufferers could better focus.

Methylphenidate, dexamfetamine and lisdexamfetamine belong to the class of stimulant drugs. These medicines will trigger an increase in brain activity, especially on the part that controls the ability of concentration and behavior.

Methylphenidate is commonly given to teens and children over 6 years of age. If the patient does not fit in with this drug, doctors will replace it with dexamfetamine are recommended for children over 3 years.

If the stimulant drug is not suitable for patients, for example, for health reasons, the doctor will usually give atomoxetine. These medications include selective noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor (SNRI) type. SNRI will increase levels of noradrenaline in the brain so that the compounds can help power concentration and impulse control. Atomoxetine can be prescribed to adolescents and children over 6 years of age.

For adolescents and children who can’t use drugs above, guanfacine will be alternatives. This medicine works to improve concentration while lowering blood pressure.

All drugs must have side effects, including drugs for ADHD. A number of side effects that commonly occur when using it is a headache, no appetite, and indigestion. But users of atomoxetine should be more alert because the drug is also thought to be a more serious side effect, that trigger liver damage.

Patients who have already undergone handling steps should preferably be checked themselves regularly to the doctor until symptoms of ADHD decrease significantly. After the condition improved, however, patients are still encouraged to undergo the examination at regular intervals.

How to cure ADHD Through Therapy.

In addition to medications, treatment of ADHD can be equipped with therapy. This method is also useful for dealing with other disturbances that may accompany ADHD, such as depression. The types of therapy that could be options include:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT. This therapy will help sufferers of ADHD to change mindset and behaviour in the face of certain problems or situations.
  • Psychological therapy. ADHD sufferers will be invited to share their stories in this therapy, for example, their difficulties in overcoming the symptoms of ADHD and find ways to cope with the symptoms.
  • Training of social interaction. This type of therapy can help sufferers of ADHD to understand a proper social behavior in certain situations.

People who are close to the ADHD sufferer as parents, relatives, and teachers also need knowledge as well as help in order to guide sufferers. Here are some types of therapy and training that might be useful.

  • Behavior therapy. In this therapy, parents and caregivers of ADHD sufferer will be trained to develop strategies to help the sufferer in behave and cope with a difficult situation. For example, by applying a system of praise for the uplifting of the patient.
  • Teaching and training programs for parents. In addition to helping parents to better understand the behaviors of ADHD sufferers, this step can give you an idea of the specific guidance is needed.

ADHD cannot be cured completely, but the proper diagnosis and treatment early can help sufferers adapt to the conditions at the same time everyday life.

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