How to not put on weight at christmas
How to not put on weight at Christmas

How to not put on weight at Christmas

A long Christmas holiday increases the risk weight rose aka failed to slim down. How not, meet friends while eating, and get-togethers with the family as well as with a bite to eat. But no need to panic, calm no need to panic weight gain in this Christmas holiday. How to not put on weight at Christmas? There are several things that can be done so that the body remains slim.

How to not put on weight at Christmas

  • Don’t forget breakfast.

When the long holiday, don’t forget to keep a breakfast. Studies show people who prepare breakfast intake are likely to be fewer caloric intakes. While people who do not eat breakfast, during the meal in the day will be crazy eating.

  • Calculate the calories that get into the body.

Every meal try to check the calories content. Then, calculate approximately how many calories that enter the body. If the cravings of all the snacks are consumed the weight goes up in quick time.

  • Drink plenty of water

There are many sweet drinks high in sugar while Christmas celebrations. However, we recommend that you limit your intake to the body. Rather than Downing drinks it, it’s better to drink mineral water.

  • Eat slowly.

When eating with friends and family, enjoy the time. No need to rush off the food that is in front of you. Chew food five times slower making the brain so know you’re full or not.

  • Choose food wisely.

There are many options when Christmas. There are soups, grilled fish, grilled chicken, meat stews in front of you. However, we recommend that you select the foods wisely without any exaggeration. And, don’t forget to eat vegetables and fruit as well.

  • Expand the motion.

After meeting up with friends and family, the Christmas holidays usually filled with watching TV or relaxing at home. Less motion can make the weight up. Well, to keep slim keep a lot of motion. For example help wash the dishes or clean-up the House. Be a little more active can help burn the extra calories that get into the body.

Thank you very much for reading How to not put on weight at Christmas, hopefully useful.

Last Updated on August 25, 2018 Reviewed by Market Health Beauty Team

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