Pegan diet
Pegan Diet

The Pegan Diet: Definition, 7 Food List To Consume and Avoid, and Sample Menu

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Pegan diet or peganism is predicted to be a diet trend that is widely followed this year. This diet is considered healthy and can be lived as a lifestyle for a long time.

The essence of the pegan diet is to avoid foods with additives, preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Then junk food and processed food factories must definitely be crossed out on the list.

Peganism encourages dieters to only consume organic, fresh and from local farmers. The diet should also include more vegetables and fruit.

Pegan diet definition

Pegan comes from a combination of the words Paleo and vegan. Paleo itself is already known as one of the healthiest diet because it does not eliminate essential nutritional elements such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

It was Dr Mark Hyman, who first introduced the term paleo diet and now writes a diet book on peganism. According to him, the pegan diet provides many benefits for the body in the long run.

In his writings ‘Why I’m a Pegan – or Paleo-Vegan – and Why You Should Be Too! ‘ Mark explained that the pegan diet was created based on scientific health data.

Diet pegan adapts the cutting-edge science of food as a treatment and tries to turn it into a more practical diet applied in life.

Most diet patterns that are undertaken for weight loss fail because the rules are too strict, confusing and make people feel guilty or ashamed when breaking them. But it’s different with a pegan diet that is claimed not to make hungry or so lack of nutrition.

Pegan diet food list

Most of the foods that can be consumed in this diet consist of fruits and vegetables.

It recommends consuming 75 percent of the vegetables in each serving of our diet.

Meanwhile, meat only serves as a side dish instead of the main dish.

Well, the following is a list of food ingredients that can be consumed in the diet:

Healthy fats

Focus on foods that contain omega-3s, nuts, coconuts, avocados, and fats from animals. The type of animal must also be grass-fed.

Fruits and vegetables.

Eat more vegetables and fruits with a low glycemic index. The amount should reach 75 percent of the plate.

Nuts and seeds.

This type of food is rich in protein, minerals, healthy fats. It can also lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Other food list

  • Gluten-free grains.
  • Lentils for those who can’t release legumes.
  • Organic meat, which is meat from animals that are sustainably reared (fish, beef, pork, and chicken is not a problem consumed in moderation).
  • Sugar can be consumed only occasionally.

Pegan diet sample menu

So what to eat for the pegan diet menu that you can follow?

Here is an example of a pegan diet menu.


The first day’s meals can be started with sweet potato muffins and fresh fruit.


You can enjoy salads with vegetables of various colors. Combine with the peppers, potatoes and olives.


Try making asparagus with cashew cheese sauce paired with Parmesan cheese with an eggplant for an Italian flavor.


For snacks in your free time can eat fresh vegetables except root vegetables such as carrots because they contain a hefty dose of carbohydrates. In addition, you can try sweet peppers dipped in a paleo-vegan spinach artichoke sauce that can add energy.

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Pegan diet foods to avoid

If you want to follow this diet, the foods should be avoided for a while.

  • Milk and processed.
  • Foods that contain gluten.
  • Foods with high sugar content and quickly raise blood sugar in the body.
  • Any sugar, including honey.
  • Oil produced from coconut, palm oil, and grains.
  • Additional ingredients for foods such as flavorings, dyes, and preservatives.

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