What is brain fog
What is Brain Fog

What is Brain Fog: Definition, 13 Causes, and Treatment

What is Brain Fog? Brain fog can be a symptom of a number of medical conditions. It affects a variety of mental processes, including memory and concentration.

This can occur with multiple sclerosis, during pregnancy, and as a result of lifestyle factors, such as stress, sleep deprivation, or an unhealthy diet.

Brain fog can be frustrating and confusing, but there are ways to deal with it if that happens.

This article is about what is brain fog.

What is Brain Fog?

Brain fog is a disorder of the brain that can inhibit the ability to think or remember something.

These symptoms are also often associated with the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Actually, brain fog is not a medical condition. Brain fog is a symptom that can affect the ability to think.

You may find it confusing, difficult to focus, and chaotic when you can’t say what you want to say or forget when you’re about to do something.

The term brain fog describes something that envelops the brain like fog, thus weakening cognitive abilities.

This can affect:

  • Memory, including the ability to store and remember information
  • Use and understanding of language
  • Ability to process and understand information
  • Visual and spatial skills in drawing, recognizing shapes, and navigating space
  • Ability to calculate and solve problems
  • The ability of executive functions to organize, troubleshoot, and plan

If one or more of these functions do not work effectively, it may be difficult to understand, focus, and remember something. It can cause stress and mental fatigue.

However, like the fog as well, this condition only appears briefly and then disappears again.

What is brain fog caused by?

When it comes to why something happens, we have a variety of different answers. The causes of brain fog are quite diverse, it could be due to one of the following causes, or even several causes at once.


The main cause of brain fog is stress. Prolonged stress can increase blood pressure, weaken the immune system, and trigger depression. Just like when our body feels very tired, the effects of stress can also make the brain exhausted, so that we have difficulty focusing, thinking, and understanding something.

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep or poor sleep quality can also cause brain fog. Have you stayed up late? How about the next morning if you have to do something? It’s hard to focus, isn’t it? Well, imagine if it happened over and over again.

Poor diet

Poor diet also triggers brain fog. If you want to learn more efficiently, without spending too much time to repeatedly try to understand the lessons, then the intake of vitamin B-12 is quite highly recommended.

Hormonal changes

Brain fog can be triggered by hormonal changes. Whenever levels of progesterone and estrogen increase, you may experience short-term cognitive impairment and your memory may deteriorate. If you are pregnant or menopausal, then you should not worry too much. Focus on maintaining a good diet, as well as getting enough sleep.


If you are undergoing treatment, then it is perfectly normal if you experience brain fog. You may forget a few things, or become easily confused. Perhaps, you also can’t concentrate in the same way as you used to. Brain fog is a very normal side effect of drugs.

Other causes

Other conditions that can cause brain fog are:

What is brain fog treatment?

Don’t be a multitasker

Don’t try them all at once because the brain will work really well when focusing on one task.
So, stop trying to do many things at once because this only contributes to the problem. Instead, focus on one thing at a time and get it done.


Meditation will calm the mind and soul. When your mind and body are at peace, then your system and brain will function properly.

Change your diet

Food allergies are the main reason for brain fog and can be triggered by poor stomach health.

Sleep more

Getting enough sleep can help improve attention, memory and mood.

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