Crying For No Reason
Crying For No Reason

10 Causes of Crying For No Reason

What causes someone crying for no reason? In fact, there are some psychological and neurological disorders that can cause people to crying for no reason.

If most people cry to see injured animals or sad films, some people do not know the reason they cry. Suddenly tears were dripping and their feelings were chaotic. Here are the causes of people crying for no reason.

Causes of Crying For No Reason


Depressive symptoms are the most common cause people crying for no reason.

Usually, excessive tears are often associated with depression and anxiety. Depression is a mood disorder that makes you feel sad protracted.

Typically, these symptoms last more than a few weeks. You will feel the usual activities and hobbies that are not fun any more interesting to do. As for symptoms, such as sadness, feeling grim, desperate, not valuable, not powerful and difficult to concentrate.

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As for, the cry associated with depressive symptoms is that you cry out the insignificantly and find it hard to know why you are crying. In addition, your tears are hard to hold and come out more than usual.

However, this excessive tear is an early symptom of mild depression. People with severe depression are usually hard at expressing their feelings, including difficulty in crying.


When you are feeling stressed, you will be eased crying because your mental and emotional condition becomes unstable. Crying is an effect of stress or distress to a circumstance. It is very natural, even crying can help to relieve the stress that someone experienced and improve their mood,

Anxiety disorder.

This anxiety disorder will keep your mind focused on a problem that makes you think constantly, making your body tired and lethargic. Moreover, you will not be able to rest well at night. This will cause you to feel sad and crying for no reason.

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Feeling tired or lethargic.

The body is too tired and lethargic, plus you can not rest enough at night can cause you to crying for no reason. A study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania revealed that a regular sleep of 4-5 hours could have a negative impact on health. It can cause mood swings, irritability and feelings of sadness.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

PTSD is a mental condition when you experience a panic attack triggered by past traumatic experience. PTSD generally affects women more than men. Because most women are more sensitive to change, so they feel a more intense emotion.


PMS or premenstrual syndrome affects 85 percent of women of childbearing age. One of the symptoms that most can be felt is the mood swings ahead of menstruation. These mood swings are sometimes uncontrollable and can make women cry, but you may not be really sad. Yes, you may suddenly feel a huge sense of emotion without a clear trigger, so that tears just flow.

This occurs because the estrogen levels are responsible with the emotional woman experiencing the down and rise phases ahead of menstruation.

When this condition occurs, temporarily do not consume caffeine from coffee or tea. If symptoms get worse, consult your doctor for treatment to relieve the symptom.

Physical condition

The reason why nutrients and vitamins needed by the body should be fulfilled is so that the body is always healthy and not easily attacked by disease. If you suddenly crying for no reason, it could be due to your unhealthy physical condition, e.g. For lack of vitamins, strokes, low blood sugar levels, thyroid disorders, and Parkinson’s disease.

Other causes:

  • Neurological problems, such as pseudobulbar affect (PBA).
  • Hormone.
  • Organic Brain Syndrome (OBS).

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Once you read the explanation above, you cannot necessarily identify yourself as one of the above points. You need to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist to properly diagnose what symptoms you are experiencing. That way, you can know the best handling. 

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