Side effects of bay leaf
Side Effects of Bay Leaf

Beware of the Side Effects of Bay Leaf Behind its Abundant Benefits

The side effects of bay leaf has the potential to interfere with health. Although the leaves are commonly used as a flavoring dish, it is believed to have a myriad of health benefits, not everyone is suitable for consuming them.

Apart from the delicious smell, Bay leaf It has long been believed to have content that is efficacious for health, ranging from lowering cholesterol, improving digestion, lowering blood sugar levels, to preventing cancer.

Even so, its use must be used with caution because several studies have found that bay leaves can cause side effects if consumed by people with certain medical conditions. Let’s discuss one by one about the benefits and side effects of bay leaf.

Taking the Benefits of Bay Leaf for Health

Bay leaves are thought to have several health benefits, including:

Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol

Bay leaves contain polyphenols which function as a strong antioxidant. These substances are believed to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels in diabetics.

Prevent kidney stones

Bay leaves are also believed to be able to reduce the amount of the urease enzyme that causes kidney stones and gastric disorders. However, the benefits of this bay leaf still need to be studied further.

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Prevent cancer

Research shows that bay leaf extract can inhibit cell growth colorectal cancer, blood cancer, and breast cancer.

Not only that, bay leaves are also considered capable of helping memory formation and reducing inflammation in the wound area.

However, the various claims about the benefits of bay leaves above still require further evidence and research.

What are the Side Effects of Bay Leaf?

Avoid consuming bay leaves whole, even though they have been cleaned and cooked. Bay leaves cannot be digested by the body, even after being chewed. This has the potential to cause problems in the throat or digestive tract.

In addition, bay leaves are not recommended for consumption by:


Bay leaves are believed to lower blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. However, consuming bay leaves along with diabetes medications can cause diabetes hypoglycemia This is due to a decrease in blood sugar levels that are excessive and difficult to control.

So, don’t forget to consult a doctor first to find out the safe dose.

Pregnant and breastfeeding mom

Pregnant or lactating women need to be careful when consuming bay leaves. Until now, there is no accurate information about the safe dose of bay leaves for pregnant and lactating women.

Therefore, pregnant or breastfeeding women are advised to consult with a gynecologist before consuming bay leaves.

Patients who will undergo surgery

If you are scheduled to undergo surgery in the near future, avoid consuming bay leaves for at least two weeks before undergoing surgery.

Bay leaves are thought to be able to slow down the work of the nervous system and brain, so there is a risk of interfering with the anesthetic drug effect during surgery and after.

In general, consuming bay leaves as food is considered safe. You may occasionally add bay leaves as a complement to cooking.

However, if you want to consume bay leaf as an herbal medicine, it is better for you to consult with your doctor first doctor. The reason is, bay leaves may cause side effects or affect the medicines you are taking.

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