Bleach in eye
Bleach in Eye

Bleach in Eye : How to Make Your Eyes Look Bright Naturally

Bleach in eye seems to be a required way to make your eyes look bright and clean. Eye is one of important body parts. With your eyes, you can see the beauty of the world. You must be grateful if you have healthy eyes. The right treatment for eyes can be done by making it look bright, clean, and bleaching. When you face abnormal condition, it makes your eyes uncomfortable and get yellow. It disturbs your eye visibility. Here are some ways to make your eyes look bright.

Using Potato and Cucumber Juice

There are some causes making your eyes yellow. The first one is less sleeping time. The second one is tiredness of your eyes in front of computer. The stress is able to cause yellow eyes. Unhealthy habits can disturb your eyes as well. There are some ways to do on how to make your eyes look bright. You can use potato and cucumber juice. By using potato and cucumber juice, you can bleach in eye. It is making your eyes moist and wet. It is giving vitamins making your eyes bright. The juice is not drunken but it is applied on your eyes. The ways are easy. Mix it all and blend it. Take a cotton and rinse it to the juice and apply it on your eyes. Do it regularly.

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Using Eye Drops

If you feel uncomfortable with your current condition, you can handle it by using eye drops. The eye drops are mostly sold in drugstore with affordable price. The eye drops can give moisture in your eyes so that your eyes get bright and comfortable.


Jasmine is used for herb plants. It is used to make your eyes clean. Root and flower of jasmine is possibly explored for making herbs and traditional formula. To make your eyes bright and clean, prepare some fresh jasmine flowers. Rinse it to the hot water. Let it for over a night and strain its water. This herb is possibly consumed for making your eyes bright and white.


Carrot is one of useful food ingredients for eyes health. The consumption of carrot regularly will make your eyes bright and clear. The carrot contains much vitamin A that is needed by your eyes. You can include carrot to a daily food menu or process it to be juice. This can be a good option for being one of ways on how to bleach in eye.

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