Why Do You Feel Dizzy After Crying?
Why do you feel dizzy after crying?

Why do you feel dizzy after crying?

Do you feel dizzy after crying long enough? If Yes, there is a scientific explanation why it happened. Why do you feel dizzy after crying? Though not sure full, some experts reveal that there are several theories that lead to the kind of pain what is experienced.

According to Lawrence Newman, M.D. as the Director of the Division of headaches in NYU Langone Health, most people feel a headache because of the tense when crying. These tensions cause discomfort. Generally, these headaches do not lead to nausea or sensitivity to light as headache or migraine.

When you cry, you tighten the forehead and the back of the head and neck. A person who undergoes a long and loud cry will extend the constriction of the muscles in that section so that it causes a headache. The long crying can also affect the sinuses. Channel tears drain into the sinus tract. This is why snot started pouring when crying. All those buildup to make pressure on the cheeks and forehead.

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In some cases, crying can enable migraines, especially in those who are prone to the disorder. That’s because people who are likely to have migraine have brains that are too sensitive, that does not make the changes properly. There are many different triggers for Migraines, including stress, which is the number one trigger and relaxation after stress.

When crying, the body obviously in a state of stress, so it’s easy to trigger intense pain, along with nausea and sensitivity to light and sound (other signs of migraine). It’s important to note that crying can enable the migraines, but that doesn’t mean that’s the cause.

There’s a big myth that a migraine is just a feeling and a short break will eliminate it. But, the disorder can come anymore because its main cause is genetic.

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