Sleeping With Mouth Open
Sleeping With Mouth Open

Sleeping With Mouth Open: Causes and 6 Ways To Stop It

Sleeping With Mouth Open: Causes and Ways To Stop It – A health professional and author of The 8-Hour Sleep Paradox, Mark Burhenne said, many people are accustomed to letting the mouth open at night sleep to breathe. In fact, the habit can lead to health problems.

You should breathe using the nose to produce nitric oxide throughout the night. It is the nutrients used to restore the body condition while sleeping.

There are so many dangers that lurk in the body, especially the tooth and mouth, if breathing is done through the mouth. The mouth should always be in a damp state and save a lot of saliva. Saliva serves to kill the cause of dental and oral health disorders.

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Sleeping With Mouth Open Causes

Muscles are relaxed

Apparently, the mouth is open when sleeping is reasonable. The reason is because while asleep, your body rested, one of them by making the muscles more relaxed. The reason is simple. To close, it turns out that the oral muscles contract. To break it, one of its release positions is open.

Breathing difficulties

Normal humans will do the breathing process of the lungs to the throat and end up to the nose or mouth. In the throat there is a branch that leads to the nose or mouth. When you have difficulty getting oxygen from the nose, the body will seek from another path, which is the mouth.

Other causes

  • Too often sleep on your back.
  • Obesity.
  • Nasal congestion due to colds.
  • Have suffered from arthritis traumatic or dislocation.
  • Your jaw muscle is tired because it’s too long to chew.
  • Infections of the gums.

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How to stop sleeping with mouth open

Here are some ways to eliminate the habit of sleeping with mouth open that you need to know.

Find out the cause

Sleeping With Mouth Open can be caused by many factors where one of them is the problem of tonsil so as to make someone more comfortable to sleep with open mouth. Even sleeping with mouth open also become habit when the structure in the mouth also experiencing imperfection, so it is necessary to have a checked and to contact with a doctor to cause the mouth open when sleep is detected clearly.

Avoid allergens.

Exposure to allergens can also cause nasal congestion so you are forced to breathe through the mouth which eventually triggers an open-mouth sleep. Hence, be diligent in cleaning the house to repel dust, plant dust, and other allergens that can clog the airways in the nose.

Raising the head while asleep.

Add pillows under the head so that the upper body position is higher. Sleeping with a higher head position is able to prevent nasal congestion and make the airways in the open nose. That way, you’ll no longer have to sleep with mouth open.

Proper sleep position.

A back sleep can worsen breathing when sleeping at night. This position can cause the intake of breath into weight so it is difficult to remove air through the nose. Hence, you are advised to sleep on your stomach or side so that you don’t sleep with mouth open.

Regular exercise.

Active lifestyle and regular exercise can be an alternative to preventing sleep with the open mouth.

Yoga is the best option to stop the breath of the mouth as it teaches how to breathe through the nose. Similarly, aerobic exercise can also help by training the heart and lungs. Exercise also helps by making sympathetic work of your nervous system harder and prevents nasal congestion at night.

Learn Breathing techniques

Sleeping With Mouth Open long will make the muscles of the mouth and face non functioning. It is therefore important to exercise the respiratory pattern.

Don’t let your mouth open all day long. Keep reminded yourself that you have to breathe through your nose all the time. Certain breathing exercises can also help too, for example, you close your mouth and breathe through the nose. Then, exhale through the nose.

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