Finger Joint Pain
Finger Joint Pain

Finger Joint Pain: 14 Causes and Easy Ways To Cure It

Finger joint pain can significantly affect your daily life.

For example, it is difficult in dressing, riding a motorcycle, up to typing.

Sometimes the cause of your pain may seem obvious, especially if you have traumatic wounds.

In other cases, the pain develops gradually, and the cause may not seem.

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Finger Joint Pain Causes

Some causes of joint pain in the fingers are:

Ligament tension

Ligaments are strong fibers that connect one bone to another bone.

Tension occurs when your fingers are forced too far into one direction.

This can damage the ligaments on the opposite side.

It initially caused a very strong pain.

Swelling often develops immediately after an injury and you may have some bruising.

Finger movements are limited due to swelling and pain.

Severe ligament tension can lead to fiber rips and may require surgery.


Osteoarthritis or arthritis that affects the hand can cause pain in the three parts of your fingers. As in the middle of the finger joints, the joints closest to the fingertip, as well as the base of the thumb.

If you experience osteoarthritis of the hand, you will experience stiff fingers, swelling, pain, even lumps may appear in the joints of the stiff fingers. The pain may fade away, but swelling and bumps in the joints can persist.


Gout is one type of arthritis that can cause pain, joints become swollen to the stiffness. A long-lasting gout can damage tendons, joints, and other parts of the tissue. Gout generally occurs in men.

In addition, the Piraí is caused by too much uric acid in the bloodstream and can also occur if you have excessive weight, too much alco**hol, and too much consumption of beef.


Rheumatism is an inflammation of the inside capsule joints due to the presence of abnormal antibodies that precisely attack the body part, namely the capsule joints. Rheumatic diseases often attack the joints of the fingers and wrists.

Usually the disease affects more than three joints and about both hands symmetrically at the same time. Rarely, this disease results in pain in one joint only.

Trigger finger disease

Trigger finger disease is caused by squeezing the muscles of the fingers in the palm area. The usual symptom is pain at the base of the hand, especially when grasping. Fingers like “snagging” when folded and pain when straightened back.

De Quervain’s disease.

De Quervain’s disease arises due to the squeezing of the thumb muscles. Pain is felt in the wrist area next to the base of the thumb. Pain occurs when the hand is used to grip or lift something, such as a dipper for bathing.

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is caused by the clasps of the medianus nerve in the wrist area. The symptoms of CTS that are more prominent than pain are thick and tingling sensation in the thumb, index, middle and sweet fingers; The little finger does not experience such symptoms.

8 Other causes:

Finger Joint Pain Causes
  • Tendon injury.
  • Broken bones.
  • Repeating the same movements in a long time.
  • Trauma.
  • Kienbock’s disease.
  • Ganglion cyst.

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Easy Ways to Cure Finger Joint Pain Naturally, due to Arthritis

Arthritis is not a dangerous disease, but it will cause you to suffer from a tremendous pain. Well, if you often have joint pain or arthritis following ways to heal in a natural way.

Relieve stress

Stress is also one of the triggers of arthritis. If you know the cause of stress, you can try to reduce the trigger, which in turn reduces the inflammation of the joints. Therefore, note how your body responds to stress.


According to various studies, turmeric has the ability to treat arthritis and give better results than conventional medicines. You can dissolve it in a glass of warm milk, or you can also make herbal teas from turmeric.

Other ways:

  • Ginger tea.
  • Sleep on time.
  • Practice yoga, swimming or cycling.

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Finger Joint Pain: 14 Causes and Easy Ways To Cure It

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