Apple cider vinegar for kidney stones
Apple Cider Vinegar For Kidney Stones

5 Mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar For Kidney Stones

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Apple Cider Vinegar For Kidney Stones – People who suffering from kidney stones say that this is a very uncomfortable and painful thing. Indeed, not everyone will experience kidney stones in their lives. However, knowing how to handle this, will be helpful.

In this way, if you experience kidney stones, you are well aware of how to handle them before the problem is getting worse or too far down into the urinary tract.

Fortunately, apple cider vinegar is very useful at times like this. Apple cider vinegar becomes an effective natural remedy for dissolving and eliminating kidney stones. Have miraculous results in terms of providing relief in people with kidney stone disease.

What Is Kidney Stone (Urinary Stone)?

Kidney stones are a condition of forming harsh materials that resemble stones in the kidneys. Although it does not cause damage to the kidneys, these conditions cause pain when a person urinates.

How common is kidney stone disease?

Kidney stones or urinary stones are common, which usually affects people over the age of 40 years. Kidney stone or urinary stone disease can be addressed by reducing the risk factors for our health. Please discuss with your doctor for further information.

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What are the symptoms of kidney stones?

One third of the people in the world have a stone condition of their kidneys, but only half of them have symptoms of kidney stones.

Although without symptoms, stones in the kidneys can cause problems, such as infections and urinary blockage. Stones stuck in the bladder will cause urinary stones and bring out many symptoms.

The symptoms of kidney stones that usually occur are urinary colic that come and go, and usually move from the side of the back (flank) to the bottom of the stomach (abdominal). Other common kidney stone symptoms include:

  • Pain in the Hip area
  • The urine is pink and cloudy.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Nausea and Vomiting.
  • Swollen Body Parts.

If the urinary stone caused by crystal stones in the kidneys raises the infection, you should immediately consult the doctor. The symptoms of other kidney stones can be chilled, fever, sweating, and frequent, urging, and painful urination.

Surgery is not the only way to cure kidney stones. Some traditional treatments become alternatives. One of them, using apple cider vinegar is believed to dissolve kidney stones.

The benefits of apple cider vinegar in curing kidney stones will be more effective if you mix it with these ingredients.

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Mixture of Apple cider vinegar for kidney stones

Mixture of apple cider vinegar for kidney stones

Here are the mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar For Kidney Stones:


Mixing Apple cider vinegar and water is the best method of treating kidney stones. Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into eight ounces of water. Drink this mixture one time a day as healing kidney stones treatment. In addition to curing kidney stones, this herb is also able to remove toxins from the body.

Apple Cider Vinegar, water and Baking Soda

Apple cider Vinegar if mixed with baking soda, it becomes a potent ingredient to heal kidney stones because it removes acid content from the body. Combine 2 teaspoons of vinegar and 1/2 tablespoons of baking soda into a glass of water. Stir well, drink three times a day.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey

Antibacterial and anti-fungal content of honey is effective in treating kidney stones. Honey also gives a taste of this drink. The Way: stir well 1 spoon apple cider vinegar with 2 spoons of honey. Drink regularly every morning.

Apple Cider Vinegar, coconut milk and water

Coconut milk is not only good for hair and skin, but also good for treating kidney stones. Drink a mixture of 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 1 spoon of coconut milk and a glass of water regularly. Then the kidney stones will go away.

Apple cider vinegar with lemon juice and olive oil

Antioxidant in apple cider vinegar if combined with the high content of citric acid in lemon juice and lubricating with olive oil can effectively dissolve kidney stones, and eliminate the symptoms of unpleasant pain

Mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 1 teaspoon of each ingredient, namely lemon juice and olive oil. Add one glass of water and drink twice a day. If taken regularly, can dissolve small kidney stones.

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