How to cure dry eyes
How To Cure Dry Eyes

How To Cure Dry Eyes

In order to work properly, the eye depends on the flow of tears to provide constant humidity and a lubricant to keep the vision and comfort. Tears are a combination of water, as an agent of humidifiers; oil, lubricating agent; mucus; to flatten the spread; and specific proteins and antibodies, as resistance to infection. All these components are released from special glands around the eyes.

Dry eye sufferers may experience excess tear production. This occurs when the eyes are not getting sufficient lubrication so it sends a signal of emergency through the nervous system to ask for more lubrication. The nervous system of the eye and then respond to requests this emergency with eyes flooded with tears to try to compensate for the drought suffered. But this emergency, the tears is made only from water and do not have the quality or composition of the lubricant normal tears. This false tears can rinse away dirt, but will not coat the eyes well.

Dry eye can make it more difficult to do some activities, such as reading or using the computer for an extended period of time, and can decrease the tolerance to a dry environment, such as the air inside the aircraft.

How To Cure Dry Eyes

Treatment for dry eye only helps to control the symptoms, but there is no cure. Some people may have a recurrent dry eye symptoms during their lifetime. You should discuss treatment options with your eye care specialist. Treatment for dry eye may include:

Artificial tears.
Cases of mild to moderate dry eye can usually be handled with lubricating eye care, such as artificial tear drops, gels, and ointments. However, artificial tears is the main therapy for dry eye complaints because of their viscosity very similar to natural tears. Artificial tears are sold freely on the market without having to use the prescription. Teardrops have a lot of kind and one brand is not necessarily suitable for you. It’s good to experiment to find a teardrop which is most effective for you. If you have chronic dry eye, it is recommended to use artificial tears even when you feel there is no problem. Avoid artificial tears with preservatives if you need to apply it more than four times a day or treated with chemicals that cause blood vessels to constrict.

Eye drops.
Some eye drops contain preservatives to prevent harmful bacteria grow in the drug bottle. If your symptoms require you use eye drops more than six times a day, we recommend that you use the free preservative eye drops. This is important, especially if the doctor has to tell you that you have a severe dry eye symptoms. Preservatives are used in large amounts or over a period of time (months or yearly) can damage the delicate cells on the surface of the eye or cause inflammation. If you wear soft contact lenses (softlens), you may also need to use a lubricant free of preservatives, because preservative residues will stick to a contact lens and eye damage.

Wear glasses.
Select the reading glasses or sunglasses that fit close to the face or that have a side shield to help slow down the evaporation of tears from the surface of the eye. Air Purifier to filter out dust and other particles can help prevent dry eye. A humidifier can also help add humidity to the air. If you are a contact lens wearer, changing the type of lens or limiting how often you use it usually will help ease the symptoms of dry eye. In addition, you can try replacing the lens cleaning solution or lubricating drops are preservative-free.

Avoid dry conditions.
Make sure your eyes to get enough rest when performing activities that require you to use the eyes in a long period. Apply medicated eye drops when doing this routine.

Drinking water and adequate nutritional intake.
Drinking plenty of water will help keep the mucous membranes keep your eyes moist. Try to eat more foods rich in omega-3 fats — flax seed, walnuts, and fatty fish such as salmon and cod.

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