Muscular Endurance Exercise
Muscular endurance exercises

14 Muscular Endurance Exercises: List and How to Do It

Most people choose to exercise just to burn fat. But the benefits of exercises are actually not just that. Exercise, especially muscular endurance exercises, is also important to maintain muscle strength, so that muscle mass does not decrease quickly. Preventing the loss of muscle mass is important in order for you to avoid osteoporosis and sarcopenia, so you can freely do anything with old age. Not only that, preventing the loss of muscle mass can also prevent you from gaining excess weight.

What is muscular endurance?

Muscle Endurance is how long the muscle energy can last for continuous activity without lag. For example, how long you can lift the 20 kilograms load without stopping. That’s your muscular endurance. Not just lifting by hand. But lifting the burden of the shoulder, with the head, with the back also involves the endurance of one’s body. The endurance of one’s exercise, such as walking and running, also involves the endurance of one’s muscles, namely the leg muscle.

Muscular endurance can develop when supported by a healthy heart, lungs, and smooth circulatory.

Benefits of performing muscular endurance exercises.

Running may be one simple exercise that you often do to lose weight and maintain body fitness. However, it turns out there are a lot of simple exercises that are easy to do and many more benefits for you. One type of exercise that you shouldn’t miss is the muscular endurance exercises.

Some of the benefits of doing muscular endurance exercises are:

  • Preventing osteoporosis
  • Prevent sarcopenia.
  • Help lose weight.

Muscular Endurance Exercises List

  • Sit Up: Train your abdominal muscles.
  • Back up: Train your back muscles.
  • Push up: Train your hand muscles.
  • Stand up: Train your body balance.
  • Step Up.
  • Pull up.
  • Squats: Train leg muscles.
  • Rowing.
  • Triceps stretch.
  • Wrist roll.
  • Lifting weights by hand exercise.
  • Press
  • Bench Press.
  • Curl.

The form of strength Training and Hand Muscle endurance exercises.

To train the strength and endurance of the hand muscles can be done with two movements, namely pull-up movements and push-up movements. Here’s how to do both movements.

1. Pull-up movement.

How to perform these movements as follows.

  • Stand under a single crossbar.
  • Jump alone or assisted by others and both hands hold a single crossbar as wide as the shoulder facing forward.
  • The movements, both hands lifted the body until the chin crossed the bar.
  • Then, the body is lowered to its original position.

2. Push-up movement.

How to do as follows.

  • The position of the body prone to resting in the hands and feet.
  • Move the body up and down with an eye view towards the front.

Back-up exercises.

The goal is to train the strength and endurance of back muscles.

How to do it as follows.

  1. The initial attitude: sleeping face down, both feet tightly behind, both hands with related fingers are placed behind the head (ankle can be held by friends.)
  2. Lift the body up to the position of the chest and abdomen no longer touches the floor, the ankles are held by friends.
  3. The body is lowered back to the initial stance.
  4. This movement is performed repeatedly for 30 seconds or more. For senior athletes can be performed for 45 seconds to 1 minute. For beginner athletes do it gradually starting 10 times, 15 times, 20 times, and so on.

Muscular endurance exercises using barbells.

For muscular endurance exercises can also be used tools like barbells as a workout load. The following are examples of movements that can train endurance muscles by using a barbell.


This movement is done with the load on the shoulders, then pushed upwards so that the arm is straight. Then, return the load to the shoulder. Straight legs and opened as wide as shoulders. Exercise variations can be performed by placing a load in front of the chest or while sitting.

Bench Press.

The bench press movement is done by lying on the bench, while the load is above the chest. Push the load upright to the straight arm.


This exercise is done with an upright standing attitude. Arm down while holding the load with your palm facing forward. Lift the load by bending the elbow upwards.

Step Up.

Step up exercises are done by going up and down the bench while carrying the load on the shoulders.

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