How to cure itchy eyes
How To Cure Itchy Eyes

3 Easy Tips How To Cure Itchy Eyes

The itchy eyes are the most common symptoms of allergies on the eyes. The eyes and eyelids itch when exposure of small objects such as dust, mites, dirt, and fur are some examples that it is an allergic reaction. In medical language itchy eyes like this is termed allergic conjunctivitis.

On most of small objects causes an allergy is not a dangerous object, but in a small percentage of people who are sensitive to the object will experience unwanted reactions when these small objects touching the conjunctiva (mucus membrane lining the white part of the eye), in which the immune system reacts by releasing histamine and other allergic compounds so the eyes become red, watery, itchy, sensitivity to light, pain, and swelling.

How To Cure Itchy Eyes

Allergic conjunctivitis is not a serious medical condition, but if it does not treat immediately, this disease causes any discomfort to interfere with quality of life, can even cause complications. Here are some ways to cure itchy eyes.

Using itchy eyes drops

Using itchy eyes drops like Patanol, cendo conal, or other eye drops containing antihistamines can be used to help relieve symptoms of itching in the eye. Decongestant eye drops can be used to shrink inflamed blood vessels so that it can cope with red eyes, but be careful of its use in patients with glaucoma.

To cope with the prolonged itching of the eye can be used a steroid eye drops that are potent anti-inflammatory and allergies. In order to be effective and safe, use itchy eye drops should be in accordance with the instructions given by the doctor.

Taking the antiallergic drugs.

Antihistamine drugs such as cetirizine and loratadine can also be used to reduce allergic reactions.

Eye compress

Compress the eyes with cold water to reduce the itchy eye and eyelids.

Compresses the eyes with warm water for the crust on the eyes and eyelids.

If you experience symptoms of itchy eyes caused by allergies, we recommend that you immediately checked your eyes to the doctor in order to be known with any certainty what the cause so that it can immediately be given proper treatment to prevent the disease developing into more severe conditions.

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