Harmful effects of keto diet
Harmful effects of keto diet

7 Harmful effects of keto diet

A ketogenic diet or keto diet is a diet requires that we limit the intake of carbohydrates. Instead, the intake of protein and fat are increased. Though many say if this ketogenic diet quite powerful to lose weight, you should first know the Harmful effects of keto diet.

In fact, the ketogenic diet is devoted to people who have the epilepsy disorder. The person with the problem is difficult to digest the carbohydrates in the body, so the intake is very limited. But current the ketogenic diet’s is precisely adapted into a diet to lose weight.

Yes, the restriction of carbohydrates that is tight enough to make we should be eating more protein and fat than usual. In fact, the intake of carbohydrates that are allowed in this diet principle is no less than 30 percent of total daily calories. Of course, applying a ketogenic diet can interfere with digestion and body functions, even can cause a variety of health problems. Here is the danger of Harmful effects of keto diet we should beware.

Harmful effects of keto diet

#1. Weight loss quickly.

Basically, people who go on a keto diet really want to lose weight. Indeed the weight loss will occur if doing this diet. The reason, carbs become the main energy sources are very few in number in the body. This makes the weight loss gradually. But don’t be happy first. This weight loss is not sign if the body is healthy. This weight loss usually does not last long or continuous. Why? Because at first the body loses its main energy and ended up using fat as energy reserves.

Well, for applying the ketogenic diet, the food we eat is protein and fatty foods. The more fat we consume, the more heaps in the body. Gradually the weight will go up again.

#2. Feeling not ‘good’

In the first few weeks, people who undergo keto diet will usually experience flu symptoms. This condition is called keto flu and will last for a few days. We probably will experience some symptoms, such as headache, fatigue, fever, and nausea. This condition is a result of the body to adapt after losing a major source of energy. The brain also did not function properly because it does not get its food, namely sugar. Thus, this diet will cause headaches, tiredness, and felt awful.

#3. The muscle shrinks.

When undergoing a keto diet, the body undergoes ketosis, which burn fat as energy. However, this can also cause us to lose fatty tissue and muscle shrinkage.

Carbs are instrumental in shaping the muscles. If assisted with protein, the recovery process of the muscle cells that is damaged will occur more quickly. Do keto diet might make muscle tissue to shrink or even burst if the calories are not met.

#4. Blood sugar levels down.

In addition, the body’s adaptation to the keto diet can cause the symptoms of hypoglycemia, namely health disorders when sugar levels in the blood below normal range. Hypoglycemia can lead to someone so difficult concentration, rapid fatigue, abnormal heartbeat, sleep disorders, to experience the anxiety syndrome.

#5. Cramps in the feet.

Dangers of keto diet are cramps in the feet. This is often associated with dehydration and lack of minerals in the body, one of which is sodium. When undergoing a keto diet, insulin levels become very low so could not stimulate the kidneys to retain sodium. Although this is simple disruption, a sense of the cramps can be very annoying.

#6. Digestive disorders.

Common side effects that often occur due to keto diet is a digestive disorders, such as flatulence, often gas exhaustion, or constipation. This happens because the body does not get enough fiber from fruit, grains, and vegetables. In some cases, there are also experiencing diarrhea.

#7. Bad breath.

While undergoing the keto diet, the body processing ketone (a substance resulting from the metabolism of fat) increase acetone in the blood, sweat, urine, and also through the breath. This will cause odor in the mouth.

Thank you very much for reading Harmful effects of keto diet, hopefully useful. Thus, if you intend to go on a ketogenic diet, you should consult with doctors and nutritionists. This is to prevent the dangers of keto diet. That way, the medical team will know the exact condition and the right diet for you.

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