Foods That Fight Lung Cancer
Foods That Fight Lung Cancer

8 Foods That Fight Lung Cancer

Foods That Fight Lung Cancer – Lung cancer is one type of cancer that falls into the category of dangerous, even life-threatening. Not a few cases of lung cancer do not show surprising symptoms in the early days of cancer cell formation. Most people know they have lung cancer when they enter stage 3 or even more.

Therefore, lung cancer is not easily cured because cancer cells have spread in various other organs. In fact, the causes of lung cancer are quite numerous. However, the main cause of lung cancer is exposure to ciga**rette smoke, whether active or passive smo**ker accompanied by pollution.

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One of the efforts to treat lung cancer is not only to follow a variety of recommended treatment procedures, but also to consume a variety of healthy foods in order to minimize lung cancer.

Moreover, with poor health conditions, usually lung cancer patients have limitations to choose the food menu, so that the nutritional needs of sufferers are maintained.

Foods That Fight Lung Cancer

Foods High Energy and Protein

Cancer patients in general will experience drastic weight loss due to increased metabolism of cancer cells as well as from chemotherapy treatments that can decrease appetite and taster senses that decrease in function so that sufferers are reluctant to eat.

Thus, cancer patients need to consume foods high in protein and energy to achieve the ideal weight and replace muscle and fat loss due to overweight loss. Protein also serves to accelerate the healing process and protection of the body for cancer patients.

However, keep an eye on the type of food by avoiding fried or grilled foods, but choosing healthy foods such as sautéed lean meats, eggs, or vegetable side dishes such as tofu, steamed tofu, and tempeh.

Various Types of Vegetable

A good food for the first lung cancer sufferers is green vegetables, such as spinach, chickpeas, broccoli, carrots that are believed to prevent lung cancer from getting worse. Try to consume it regularly.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are also good to consume because they contain omega-3 fatty acids that are believed to be good to help the body fight various diseases and maintain the health of lung organs so that lung cancer cells do not develop further.


Pomegranate fruit contains many antioxidants and ellagic acid compounds that are potent against cancer cells. In addition, the nutrients in pomegranates are also quite numerous so that it can meet the daily needs of the body for lung cancer patients who are in the healing stage.

Soursop fruit

One of the best foods for people with lung cancer is soursop fruit that contains many antioxidants and active compounds that are believed to suppress and shrink the development of cancer cells. Soursop leaves are also useful to fight cancer cells. How to consume it by boiling the leaves and drinking the water.

Mangosteen fruit

In addition to soursop fruit, there are mangosteen fruits that are also able to inhibit the growth and development of cancer cells. Not only can you use the flesh of the fruit, but the skin can also be used as an herbal medicine to overcome cancer. In mangosteen fruit, there is xanthone compound content in mangosteen fruit that is potent against the signs of lung cancer.


The next food for people with lung cancer is apples. According to a study published in Precision Oncology, the researchers found that compounds in turmeric, apples and grapes combined have the power to shrink pros**tate cancer tumors.

This is because apples contain a potent anticancer compound known as ursolic acid in the skin.


Broccoli is an anti-cancer powerhouse. Broccoli contains vitamins A, B2, B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, manganese, potassium, magnesium, all of which are necessary to keep your immune system strong and healthy and to fight cancer. Broccoli contains sulfuropane and indoles, which also give it potent anti-cancer properties.

Foods that nourish the lungs

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