Where does lung cancer spread
Where Does Lung Cancer Spread

Where Does Lung Cancer Spread: 12 Organs Spread

Where Does Lung Cancer Spread? Lung cancer occurs when the cells in the organ grow out of control and cause tumors. This disease is the number one cause of death from cancer because it is generally known after the advanced stage.

How does lung cancer spread in the body?

In fact, of all known cases of lung cancer, nearly 40 percent have spread to other parts of the body. So, at first the cancer cells that grow in the lungs will divide and multiply.

After a lot of numbers, food in the lung area is no longer enough for the cancer cells that have developed. Therefore, these abnormal cells will look for a new place to “live “.

The spread occurs when lung cancer cells break away from the tumor and travel to other parts of the body through the blood or the lymph system. This spread occurs when diagnosed or while undergoing treatment. But, generally the spread occurs when diagnosed are commonly known already in the advanced stage.

Where Does Lung Cancer Spread to in The Body?

Other organs are the most common location of metastatic lung cancer among other parts of the lungs, the adrenal glands, the bones, and the liver. In very rare cases, lung cancer can also spread to other areas such as the stomach, pancreas, and kidneys.

Lymph glands

Where does lung cancer spread to 1st? The answer is to the lymph glands

The first time spread will usually occur in the lymph glands that exist in the chest around the lungs. Lung cancer that is over stage one, usually already on the part of the lymph gland. When lung cancer spreads to the lymph glands, no symptoms arise and can be detected by conducting a special medical examination.


Approximately 30 percent of advanced lung cancer cases spread to the body’s bones. The part of the bone that is usually attacked by lung cancer is the spine, pelvic bones, and bones in the hands.

Usually a sign of lung cancer spreading to the bones is a pain that is felt on the part of a certain bone and this constant pain is not lost. When the cancer attacks the spine, the risk of paralysis is considerable.

Inside the bone, the cancerous cell will damage the bone tissue and take all calcium, thereby making the bones become more fragile. Detection of the spread of lung cancer to the bones is usually known by conducting bone scan, PET Scan, or MRI scans.


The brain is the body part that is most often the target of lung cancer cells. The reason is, it is known that there are 40 percent cases of lung cancer eventually spread to the brain. All types of lung cancer have the possibility of attacking parts of the brain.

When lung cancer cells are present in the brain, the cancer will rapidly damage the nerve cells and form a new tumor. This will make the brain to experience inflammation and distress. Even so, one in three cancer patients who have spread to the brain, do not experience symptoms in the brain.

However, gradually the symptoms of this spread will be seen as well and usually in the form of headaches, seizures, loss of balance, impaired vision, difficult to think and remember, and suddenly cannot move some parts of the body.

If this is the case, then the treatment that will be done is palliative care, because the level of patient recovery is quite small when it has spread to the brain. In palliative medicine, the medical team will strive to make the patient comfortable, painless, and extend the patient’s life expectancy.


Lung cancer spreads to the liver, usually will not cause any symptoms and it is newly known when undergoing medical examinations, such as CT scans, these examinations are usually performed routinely by lung cancer patients.

However, in some cases, there are symptoms that arise when the cancer has reached the liver, which is the pain at the bottom of the ribs, loss of appetite, and continued nausea.

8 Other body parts

Other parts of the body that can also be used to live from lung cancer cells are digestive organs. Starting from the stomach, small intestine, and colon, then the adrenal glands, eyes, kidneys, breasts, even skin.

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