Apple cider vinegar for gout
Apple Cider Vinegar For Gout

How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Gout Relief in 3 Ways

How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Gout Relief – Uric acid is often considered as a mild disease, where there are still many people who are minding if uric acid disease is a disease that is easy to heal. This condition is characterized by the emergence of pain and then the pain disappears by itself without treatment.

High uric acid levels can lead to increased gout attacks, or may never cause problems. High uric acid levels can also cause some people to develop kidney stones or kidney failure. And some people with high uric acid levels also experience high blood pressure, heart disease or chronic kidney disease.

High levels of uric acid in the blood, also known as hyperuricemia, can occur either due to an increase in the production of uric acid in the body or decreased excretion of the substance through the kidneys. It can cause problems such as rheumatoid arthritis (uric acid crystals accumulate in the joints, usually in the big toe causing joint paint), kidney stones and renal failure. Recent research also links high levels of uric acid in the blood with hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Normal uric acid levels are:

  • Male: 3.4 – 7.0 mg/dL
  • Female: 2.4 – 6.0 mg/dL

The value can differ in different laboratories.

Whereas if left continuously without handling, there can be a danger of uric acid that threatens you. 

Because of the pain that occurs only briefly, making people tend to underestimate of these uric acid symptoms. In fact, behind it all are actually obliged to beware of the bad effects that will arise if uric acid is not immediately given treatment. Because uric acid disease can be a dangerous disease.

But take it easy because there is a natural healing to treat uric acid, namely by using Apple vinegar. This is because Apple vinegar contains calcium, iron, and high potassium that can help reduce the symptoms posed by uric acid. In addition, Apple vinegar can help to improve blood circulation and inhibit the formation of uric acid crystals.

For thousands of years, vinegar has been used all over the world to spice up food, heal wounds, prevent infections, to treat diabetes. In the past, people praised vinegar as a healer medication that could cure any kind of disease.

Today, apple cider vinegar is one of the many magical foods that are buzzing on the internet. There is a lot of information out there that claims that, apple cider vinegar lowers blood sugar levels of uric acid.

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How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Gout Relief

How to use apple cider vinegar for gout relief

How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Gout Relief?

You need to know that using apple vinegar should not be careless. There is the right way to do it, which is to mix it with other ingredients.

Apple vinegar with lemon juice.

First of all you have to make lemon juice, which is then added with 1 tbsp of apple vinegar, and stir until evenly distributed. The content of lemon can greatly help fight uric acid and able to relieve it. If there is no lemon, you can replace it with cherries. In the same way and the content on the Cherries is also not much different from that contained in the lemon.

Consuming apple vinegar Routine

Well, if you want to heal your uric acid using apple vinegar, then the way to treat it only needs to consume it routinely. Routine consumption of at least 2 tablespoons in a day. Well, in preparing it, you should consider a specific dose. Adjust to your body condition. Consumption 1 spoon vinegar mixed with 10 tablespoons of white water.

Add Honey

If you want to consume Apple vinegar and want to disguise its acidity, then the way to treat it simply add it with honey. Give the honey to taste enough to help neutralize the vinegar from a very acidic flavor. In addition, honey also has a variety of good benefits for the health of the body.

Consistent in Treatment

If you use Apple vinegar as a cure, but not carried out consistently then your efforts are wasted. Apple vinegar is indeed an herbal remedy that is able to cure uric acid, but because it belongs to herbal medicine, then you have to be patient and painstaking in curing it. Although you do not like the dominant taste that is too sour, but you are forced to have to consume the vinegar. In essence, as well and as expensive as any uric acid that you use, but not consistent use, it will not feel its benefits.

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