How to shave your own head bald
How to shave your own head bald

How to shave your own head bald

For many men, shaving the mustache and beard might have been a routine job that never forget to do. Keep the facial skin smoothness from the growth of the hairs around the chin and cheeks, so it could be one of the requirements of “good looks”, so that the routine is done. Then what about the hair on your head? How to shave your own head bald?

Although the bald-headed man’s mode may be a style never lost in time, but there are other groups of men who baldness because of “forced”. The next question is, do we often have to go to barbershop?
For those with a shaved bald-headed certainly understand, hair on the head like a beard and mustache, will feel fast growing. Usually, from the “position” of the bald-headed shaved, hair will start growing within the next week. So is it often that we should go to the barber? Of course not. For those who are just thinking of making a bald style as an option, the following shaving tips may be helpful.

It must be remembered, first go to the Barber, is not free of cost but also time. You must provide a special time, and willingly are lining up if shaving schedules that fall on a holiday or weekend. So let’s think, how much funds and also the time that we give if routine should make the head be bald anyway? Well, the choice of shaving yourself at home would be very considerable.

The tool must be prepared of course is a shaving tool. The choice could consider a necessity, practicality, comfort, or price.

  • Electric shaver.

This kind of products is very easy to find on the market. From the cheapest price to well-known brands that are expensive.
What’s the difference? Certainly the robustness and cutting precision. If you think “investing” this kind of tool is expensive than going to a barber, it may be wrong. Please calculate how much it costs once shaving, how often do we shave, and the time “wasted”. Then, compare the price of this type of shaving. Will undoubtedly look how efficient those options. For instance, the famous brand of shaver offer toughness, durable to use until a dozen years.

While watching television, or chatting with family at home, You can do this shaving activity like shaving a mustache.
Simply provide a convenient place, so that the hair that is cut off not to litter the House. Typically, flooring with used paper towels or newspaper is the most practical option.

No need to worry about the short-length of hair remaining in the head. Such a device is usually equipped with a number of trim clips mounted on the tip of the blade head. So the length of the hair is left in the head would be flat. Then, if You want to crop it out, simply remove the clip.
One thing to keep in mind, this kind of tool is unable to create a slick, scalp free from hair. Then, what if you want to bald? You need the following additional tools:

  • Conventional razors.

After the hair is short-cut or bald, but not yet “slippery”, this conventional razor tool can be an option. This shaver will make the scalp free hair, similar to when we shave a mustache and beard. To avoid excess irritation, use a shaving foam can be considered. This method is relatively fast as long as the razor we use is still new and sharp. Not only a mirror, we could use a hand to feel the entire surface of the back of the head that may have not shaved out. Easy as pie. The cost is not expensive, is it?

Other tools that can be selected for a shaved procession is:

  • Mustache and beard electric shaver

Yes, this tool is made for trim mustache and beard to klimis. But, as it turns out, is also very efficient and effective way to make slippery head.
When the hair on the head is very short, then the character of the hair will not be different with a mustache and beard that tend to stiff.
Simply turn on the tool, and start shaving the entire surface of the head until slick.

With conventional razors, pieces of fine hair will fall out and scattered. But with this electric tool, fine hair will be accommodated in the shaving machine.
Simply open and throw it periodically, so that the razor can spin the fan perfectly.

Well, how? Easy, isn’t it? The entire process is usually completed in less than 30 minutes. Head back fresh, and clean shaved. Thank you very much for reading How to shave your own head bald, hopefully useful.

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