Workouts to improve cardiovascular endurance
Workouts To Improve Cardiovascular Endurance

5 Workouts To Improve Cardiovascular Endurance

Workouts To Improve Cardiovascular Endurance – We know the heart as an important organ in the body. However, we know that the heart also has muscles. So, is the heart an organ or a muscle?

In fact the heart is a muscular organ. The heart consists mostly of a type of muscle tissue called the heart muscle. These muscles contract when your heart beats. The heart is slightly to the left of the center of your chest and has a size the size of your fist.

An organ is a group of tissues that work together to perform certain functions. What functions does the heart perform? Your heart serves to pump blood throughout your body. Blood will not be able to move through the circulatory system without pumping action from the Heart.

Workouts To Improve Cardiovascular Endurance

Cardiovascular endurance means the ability and efficiency of the heart muscles, blood vessels (arteries, veins and capillary) and respiratory systems to supply oxygen on the muscles continuously during activities. For example, aerobic activities such as jogging, Parcourse training or Fartlek training.

Examples of Workouts To Improve Cardiovascular Endurance are:

Parcourse fitness trail

Parcourse is a combination of several fitness activities along the stations running route.

Aims to increase endurance and strength of the heart muscles.

Examples of Parcourse training activities are:

  • Quadrant Jump
  • Clinging in the Cross
  • Sit and Reaches
  • Vertical Ladder
  • Foot Lift
  • Jump Touch the Cross
  • Up and Down the Bench
  • Climbing The Cross

You can walk, run sprints between one station and one station to another.

Each station has different fitness activities.

Fartlek Training

This training is a multi-speed training system such as:

Run or walk

Running is one of Workouts To Improve Cardiovascular Endurance.

Walking and running is a form of cardiovascular exercise, which, when done weekly, increases your cardiovascular endurance.

Start your running program gradually, starting with just 10 or 15 minutes of practice in one session. When walking shorter or walking starts to feel easy, increase your time by five minutes each week until you exercise consistently for 30 to 45 minutes in a single session.

Keep improving your cardiovascular function by walking or running faster and further during your next workout.

  • Sprint runs
  • Jogging

This exercise can be done on various soil surfaces such as sand, grass, hills and roads.

This training is a form of activity that is carried out continuously with various speed levels.

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Aerobics classes build your aerobic capacity.
Both fun to perform and effective in building cardiovascular endurance, aerobics classes and dancing are ways to increase your aerobic capacity and interaction with other fitness enthusiasts.

Generally led by a certified group fitness instructor, classes range from 45 to 60 minutes. Constant arm movement, step changes and challenging choreography give you the opportunity to tone your upper body muscles as you improve your cardiovascular endurance.

If you can’t join a class, use the DVD at home or with a group of close friends. Add one or two classes to your weekly schedule.


Maybe you could consider taking a water aerobics class or swimming because this exercise can move the whole body that will strengthen not only the body but also the heart. Exercise is also as easy for your joints as it is on foot so you can move your body without suffering a lot of pain.

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Weight training

Another exercise you can do to strengthen the heart is to build the muscles of the body. Weight training will help you build muscle mass and burn fat. Some of the most effective weight training actually happens when you use your own weight even though you can work out in the gym to exercise with weights. Exercises like squats, pushups, or even pull-ups all help you build muscle and contribute to your heart and bone health.

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