What Cause Sleepy

What Cause Sleepy? Here are The Symptoms and 13 Causes

What Cause Sleepy? The Symptoms and Causes – Drowsiness or sleepy is a condition when someone feels like sleeping. This condition is common at night or sometimes during the day, and it is normal. But if the drowsiness occurs excessively to interfere with activity and decrease productivity, this condition needs to be addressed.

Sleepiness generally arises due to lack of sleep. While it looks simple, drowsiness can trigger a variety of problems, such as disrupting performance in schools, or productivity in the office, affecting emotions, and causing accidents, both on highways and in work environments.

Drowsiness is a natural thing, but if something is not normal, it can be a sense of sleepy is a sign of an illness, such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, depression, anxiety disorder, or Diabetes. 

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For cases of drowsiness, the most common symptoms are sleepy during the day. The other symptoms are as follows:

  • Not enough sleep or poor quality sleep consistently
  • Asleep while driving
  • Difficulty to concentrate working time, school or at home
  • Having trouble remembering and slow response
  • Trying to stay awake, such as when watching TV or reading books
  • Difficulty in controlling emotions
  • Have to nap almost every day
  • Headaches in the morning with drowsiness, but if experiencing this condition allows you to have potentially more serious disorders. So you are advised to contact your doctor.

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What Cause Sleepy?

What cause sleepy? Various things can cause drowsiness. It also relates to mental conditions, daily activities, lifestyle, and can cause serious symptoms.

It’s sleeping time

Humans have their own biological clocks. Some people will feel sleepy when they have entered sleep time. But the sleepy person does not necessarily feel tired or exhausted at all. If the time has come then one can feel very sleepy and want to sleep immediately. Children may have more biological clocks than older people.


Irregular lifestyles can cause an increase in drowsiness, such as working at night time. In most cases, your drowsiness will subside because your body adapts to your new schedule.

Psychiatric condition

Drowsiness can also be caused by your mental, emotional, or psychological condition.

Depression can greatly increase the risk of drowsiness, as well as increased stress or heightened anxiety. Boredom is another cause of known drowsiness. This will trigger a sense of fatigue and not be passionate.


What Cause Sleepy? Here Are The Symptoms And 13 Causes 1

Stress makes nerves and muscles so difficult to relax, so you are hard to rest optimally. As a result, you will feel tired even though it has spent six to eight hours of sleep time.

Create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. Turn off the lights, turn on aromatherapy, or play a song that evokes a comfortable atmosphere.

You can also drink mineral water or warm milk before bedtime to reduce the level of tension of your muscles and nerves due to stress.

Look at the smartphone before bedtime

Look at the smartphone before bed is one cause of your sleep is not quality. Why? The radiation generated by the gadget can interfere with the production of melatonin hormones that serve to help the body rest. Its blue rays can stimulate hundreds of nerves in the brain to keep it awake. Preferably, keep your cell phone out of bed.

Lack of sleep

People who lack sleep will usually be easily sleepy. The body that is less resting to restore energy will certainly lack energy at the moment of wakefulness. In the end, the body is getting less energy and finally sleepy.

7 Other causes:

  • Medical condition, such as diabetes, Anemia, 
  • Drugs.
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Sleeping too long.
  • Staying up late.
  • Lack of exercise or Exercises that portion is not right.
  • Brains that are too hot.

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