Numbness In Hands While Sleeping
Numbness In Hands While Sleeping

Numbness In Hands While Sleeping: 4 Causes, and Treatment

Have you experienced Numbness In Hands While Sleeping? Or have you awakened suddenly because of numbing hands?

Does a numb hand happen several times at night that wakes you up with a strange sensation?

Apparently, this is not the case due to the flow of blood that is not smooth due to the suppression as we imagined, this is all happening because the nerve itself. We have several types of nerves in our hands, each of which has its own essential function. The Axillary Nerves raise our arms from the shoulders. Nervus Musculocutaneus Bend the elbow. The Nervus Radialis nervus straightens the arm and lifts the wrist and also fingers. The nervus ulnaris stretches the fingers.

Sleeping in a bad position can lead to numbness or hand cramps.

But there are times when, the numbness of the hands has no relation to the sleep position.

It can also be felt in other areas like the legs. Here are some reasons why Numbness In Hands While Sleeping:

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Numbness In Hands While Sleeping Causes

Work all day

Sometimes your wrist becomes tired. Jobs such as typing, using scissors, and sewing can make the hand nerves disturbed.

People feel numb hands, especially at night when not moving, nerves and tendons release pressure intensifies.

Fluid retention

Gaining weight, not exercising, consuming unhealthy food causes swelling in the hands and feet due to fluid retention.

Tingling often occurs most intense at night. At night, the blood does not flow much so it creates the pressure that produces this inconvenience.

Vitamin B12 deficiency

Often doing diet causes vitamin B deficiency.

Deficiency of this vitamin, has many conditions such as fatigue, drowsiness, pale skin, and numbness in the hands and feet are characteristic of deficiency of vitamin B12.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This is the most common cause of numbing hands. The three main fingers, thumb, index, and middle finger tend to be the most affected by carpal tunnel syndrome.

This problem is associated with the median nerve, peripheral neuropathy that provides pressure on the wrist, causing symptoms such as pain, difficulty in motion, loss of sensitivity, and numbness.

Intense tingling always occurs at night. Because, at night the blood does not flow much, so it creates pressure that causes such discomfort.

We tend to suffer from these symptoms at night.

Numbness In Hands While Sleeping Treatment

Although there is no definitive cure for overcoming this numbness, you can try natural remedies to treat numbness or cramps in your hands.

  1. Before bedtime, drink a tablespoon of flax seed oil that contains anti-inflammatory and effective work on the extremities, reducing the sensation of numbness in the hands.
  2. When the cramps hit, soak the hand by adding some ice cubes. This will relieve pressure, inflammation around the nerves and pain. Do this before bedtime.
  3. Reduce the intake of salt and acid drinks as it can worsen inflammation and pain.
  4. Drink at least two liters water a day.
  5. It is important to include vitamin B in diets such as tuna, potatoes, bananas, and all green vegetables.
  6. If the complaint is felt at night, change the sleep position and try placing the arms on one or two pillows. Don’t sleep on your hands. If you feel pain during waking up, shake your hands.

If you still feel numb in a certain area that is not normal, it is good to consult a neurologist at the nearest hospital.

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Keep in mind that if you experience a Numbness In Hands While Sleeping, the condition is not only caused by conditions that can be considered trivial. Therefore, if you experience such complaints, especially until they repeat or never lose until days, do not delay to immediately get medication to the doctor.

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