What cause chemical pregnancy
What Cause Chemical Pregnancy

What Cause Chemical Pregnancy?

Markethealthbeauty.com | What Cause Chemical Pregnancy? To check for early signs of pregnancy, some women usually use test pack. Generally, when a test pack shows two lines, it is most likely positive pregnant. Even so, there are also some mothers who experience positive signs of pregnancy in test pack, but a few days later it was period. If you experience this condition, it could be that you are experiencing a chemical pregnancy. Yes, if you don’t take a pregnancy test beforehand, you may think you’re just having a regular period.  

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A chemical pregnancy is miscarriage, which usually occurs around the 5th week of pregnancy. So that on ultrasound examination the gestational sac has not been seen. The symptoms shown are similar to menstruation, namely bleeding from the vagi**na, so it is often misinterpreted as menstruation again.

Explanation of Chemical Pregnancy That Can Happen in Women

It is too early to say that you are positive for pregnancy at that gestational age, because during an ultrasound examination, nothing may be found.

Only a pregnancy test will show you are pregnant, but it would be too early to see that on an ultrasound scan.

Aside from menstrual-like bleeding, the symptoms of a chemical pregnancy can really vary. Some of the symptoms that are felt are very similar to symptoms when you want to menstruate, such as breast pain, mood swings, and stomachache.

The symptoms of a chemical pregnancy are the same as a normal period, or even a little heavier.

When you have a chemical pregnancy, hCG hormone in the body is still there, so the results test pack showed positive results. However, the hormone levels will drop in a few weeks or after menstruation. So, can you get pregnant again after experiencing a chemical pregnancy?

The answer is yes. There is no particular reason why you can’t get pregnant again after experiencing a chemical pregnancy. If you and your husband want to have children soon, please try again.

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Chemical pregnancy doesn’t affect your fertility. You may be ovulating normally, or your cycle may be a little longer than before. Think of the first day of bleeding as the first day of your period.

But, What Cause Chemical Pregnancy??

What Cause Chemical Pregnancy?

In fact, about 50 to 60 percent of chemical pregnancies occur in a woman’s first pregnancy. However, it often goes undetected.

There are several things that can cause a chemical pregnancy. For example, chromosomal abnormalities, implanted eggs outside the uterus, hormone problems, and inadequate uterine lining.

Most chemical pregnancies are caused by problems with the genetic makeup of the embryo, so they cannot be prevented.

One of the easiest ways to avoid chemical pregnancy is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. For example, by not smoking, not drinking alco**hol and drugs, exercising, and having an ideal body weight.

Well, if your test pack results are positive, don’t forget to immediately consult an obstetrician, okay? This is important to ensure that the gestational sac and the prospective fetus are detected through ultrasound examination.

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