False negative pregnancy test
False negative pregnancy test

4 Causes of False negative pregnancy test

The Causes of False negative pregnancy test – Pregnancy is a good news that is eagerly awaited by almost every married couple. When the late menstruation, the women are pounding. The most frequent steps to do next is to do the examination test pack.

Test pack is an examination of the pregnancy test by measuring levels of the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone through the urine. This test is easy and can be done yourself at home because it is only by inserting sticks or put into a container that contains urine. The price is quite affordable and available at nearby pharmacies.

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Have you ever heard the term false positive or false negative pregnancy test (the test pack) at home? Sometimes a pregnancy test tools we use become a misinterpretation. Although pregnancy test with urine has an accuracy of 97%, but an error result may occur. In fact, you are pregnant but pregnancy test tool shows that you are not pregnant, or vice versa.

Things like that sometimes we find, it’s annoying, so it would be nice if you test it two or more times, or if necessary, see a doctor to ensure results.

Causes of false negative results (false negative pregnancy test).

It may be rare, but may happen to you. The pregnancy test tool shows that you negatively pregnant, when You are in fact pregnant. This is what is known as a false negative pregnancy test.

False negative pregnancy test may have occurred to you that can be caused by:

Testing too early.

Pregnancy test kits may only show negative results, while you are pregnant.

It is caused by hCG is not yet fully appear in the urine. This condition is called a false negative pregnancy test result.

Not all women who are already pregnant will have the same level of hCG in their urine.

Therefore, you have to wait until the right time to do a pregnancy test at home so that the levels of hCG in the urine can already read by the test pack.

Try to do a test again one week after first check.

Incorrect use.

Especially for those of you who have never used the test pack before, make sure to read the usage instructions on test pack well. This is because the error when using the test pack can also cause errors in the results. Take a good look how deep You have to dip and have to wait for how long when you dip in the urine.

The concentration of the urine is less concentrated.

Causes of false negative pregnancy test

When using a test pack, Your urine concentration also affects the test results, while the concentration of the urine can vary within a day. We recommend that you take a pregnancy test with a test pack in the morning when you urinate the first time.

Because the urine in the morning is urine that has the most concentrated and contains concentrations of HCG is higher than any other time. The concentration of the urine can change throughout the day because of what you eat can affect the concentration of the urine.

Taking the test at a time when the concentration of the urine is too liquid can make the HCG hormone in the urine becomes more difficult to read. Finally, you’ll get a pregnancy test is wrong.

Drink too much before the test.

Did you know that too much drinking before pregnancy test can obscure test results? Too much drinking can make urine diluted so the end result and influence the hCG hormone so difficult detected.

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It was suggested to do a pregnancy test when the morning because in the morning, urine contains hCG hormone more than day and night.

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