Malnutrition during pregnancy effects on baby
Malnutrition during pregnancy effects on baby

Malnutrition during pregnancy effects on baby

On the first day of 1,000 life became one of the valuable momentum. Because life on the first day of the 1,000 children is a crucial period that determines the quality of growth and development. This good development should be supported by a balanced nutritional intake of pregnant women, the very need to be fulfilled for the growth of the fetus. Malnutrition during pregnancy effects on baby, through a balanced nutrition and sufficient, the effect would have impacted on the ability of the child to adulthood.

Nutrition is essential for both macro and micronutrients including carbohydrates, protein, fats and micronutrients an assortment of vitamins, minerals,  omega 3, and iron. Malnutrition status caused the lack of intake of the nutrients in quite a long time will have a major impact on the baby. Like malnutrition, when birth weight is less or heavy enough, but when growing weight will be less. Read also: Nutritional problems during pregnancy.

Not only that, other things can affect is less intelligent as well. Later, a time when the child was returned to the mother and when giving birth, it will be repeated like that. Nutrition is important for pregnant and nursing mothers. We must apply the 1,000 days of the life of the fetus.

Malnutrition during pregnancy effects on baby

  • Low birth weight.

If a pregnant woman experiencing malnutrition, then it could be understood that the baby in the mother’s womb is also not receiving enough nutrients. In other words, the nutrients and minerals are very important for the growth of a lifetime, and not provided in sufficient amounts. As a result, the baby will show a bad growth rate and a low weight. The general effect of less nutritional intake during pregnancy on the body’s immune system is low, the risk of developing the disease, and low stamina.

  • Children with low IQ.

Some of the effects of malnutrition while pregnant can be carried by children throughout his entire life. Say for example, infants who are undernourished is vulnerable to infection. This does not only occur in the early stages of his growth, but also in adulthood of his life. It is also claimed that the cognitive disorders as well as low IQ is directly linked to the symptoms of malnutrition, especially during pregnancy.

  • Growth retardation in children.

Pregnant women who have poor nutrition, can give birth to babies with low birth weight. Children born to mothers are more prone to retardation of growth, lack of coordination, poor eyesight, learning difficulties, and many other diseases. Anemia is one of the diseases caused by malnutrition, which affects some pregnant women around the world. It also increases the risk of death of mothers and babies during childbirth. Other serious effects are premature birth, labor difficulties, postpartum hemorrhage, and birth defects.

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