Pre diabetic symptoms
Pre Diabetic Symptoms

8 Pre Diabetic Symptoms That You Need To Be Aware Of

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Prediabetes is a high level of blood sugar that can refer to the type 2 diabetes mellitus (diabetes). Fortunately, people who have a prediabetes condition will not necessarily have diabetes at a later date. With your notes, you have begun to maintain your health and lifestyle before your blood sugar levels are getting worse.

Then, do you have a prediabetes? What are the Pre Diabetic Symptoms and signs that can be recognized early? Check out the summary here.

What is Pradiabetes?

Prediabetes conditions refer to blood sugar levels consistently higher than usual, but not high enough to be type 2 diabetes. To diagnose prediabetes, your doctor should check your blood sugar levels first. After blood sugar tests, you may be prediabetes if the result shows Prediabetes number as in the following table.

HbA1c (%)Fasting blood glucose (mg/dL)Plasma glucose 2 hours after TTGO (OGTT)
DiabetesMore than or equal to 6,5More than or equal to 126More than or equal to 200
Prediabetes5,7 – 6,4100 – 125140-199
NormalLess than 5,7Less than 100Less than 140

Generally, people with risk factors of diabetes are more susceptible to this prediabetes condition. People at risk include those who:

  • Have a history of diabetes in the family
  • Overweight
  • Over 45 years old
  • Have a history of gestational diabetes
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Pre Diabetic Symptoms

There are no specific symptoms that lead to prediabetes. Check blood sugar has routinely been important to detect prediabetes early. The worst thing is that no pre diabetic symptoms are really noticeable.

In addition to preventing diabetes, the detection and treatment of prediabetes can prevent other diseases such as heart attack and stroke. Here are some pre diabetic symptoms:

Excessive thirst

People affected by prediabetes will feel more thirsty than usual. In dehydration, it is normal. This excess thirst will disappear when drinking.

More frequent urination

Frequent urination can show some health problems, including kidney problems. But when frequent urination and quantity of urine more than usual, this is likely the symptom of type II diabetes.

Easy to get tired

Basically, normal fatigue occurs when the activity is high. But, if fatigue happens every day and the levels continue to grow, it is necessary to be aware of prediabetes symptoms.

This easy fatigue shows that the body begins to experience insulin resistance, where the hormone insulin no longer works properly i.e. Taking sugar in the blood to be utilized by cells throughout the body to form energy.

Vision becomes blurred

Excess sugars circulating in the blood make cells in important organs not get sugar, resulting in body organs such as eyes, kidneys, and others can suffer damage.

In the eye, one sign of damage is the vision of being blurred and not improving even with the help of glasses.

Skin looks dirty

Do you have a black spot on the skin on the back of the neck, but if  rubbed does not disappear? Maybe that’s the signs of prediabetes.

The condition is caused by insulin resistance which causes acanthosis nigricans, which may appear during prediabetes. Not only behind the neck, the black spots may appear on the elbow or knee. However, once the glucose levels can be controlled, the spots usually disappear.

Weight drops drastically.

Pre diabetic symptoms - weight drops drastically

Usually those who experience drastic weight loss, will be happy and still consume a carbonated drink.

In fact, unclear weight loss can be a sign of diabetes. In addition, it is also a sign that the body does not utilize calories effectively and nutrients just out through the urine.

The emergence of uric acid

The first sign of diabetes is uric acid. Uric acid can crystallize in joints, tendons, and bones thereby causing inflammation. Experts discover the fact that people who have uric acid tend to develop diabetic disease. These two conditions also often appear in people who are obese.

The disease is generally characterized by a reddish swelling in the big toe and pain if it is touched.

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Hair loss

There are many factors that can cause hair loss, one of which is a condition of prediabetes and diabetes. A person who is in the prediabetes stage and experiencing insulin resistance, then his body has decreased performance in sugar process.

Excess sugar circulating in the blood, makes the cells in important organs not getting sugar, consequently body organs such as eyes, kidneys, and others may suffer damage. Not only that, excess sugar can also damage your veins.

Blood vessels are tasked to bring oxygen throughout the body to feed organs and tissues. Blood vessels damaged because of the sugar stacks will not be able to work optimally to deliver oxygen and feed the hair follicles. The lack of oxygen supply will eventually affect the hair growth cycle to cause loss.

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