Anti malaria med
Anti Malaria Med

Anti Malaria Med: 5 Classifications, Used For Prevention and Treatment

Anti Malaria Med: Classifications, Used For Prevention, and Treatment – There are some medications that can be used to prevent malaria. These drugs need you to consume before traveling to areas that are still many cases of malaria. 

Malaria is a disease that is transmitted by mosquito bites that have been infected with Plasmodium parasites. This disease is dangerous because it can cause severe complications, even death.

Classification of antimalarial drugs

Antimalarial drugs can be divided based on antimalarial activity in the parasitic stage as follows

Tissue schizonticides for causal prophylaxis

Works at the beginning of the cycle of erythrocytic after developing in the liver. Primaquine and pyrimethamine are drugs of this type. But it is very difficult to suspect a malaria infection before it is encountered clinical symptoms, so that this type of treatment is more theoretical than the practice.

Tissue schizonticides for preventing relapse

It works in the hypnozoite form of P. vivax and P. Ovale in the liver and it is used for the treatment of radical as an anti-relapse medication. The main drugs included in this group are Primaquine, but pyrimethamine also has similar activities.

Blood schizonticides

Eradicate parasites on erythrocytic cycles, which are associated with acute diseases accompanied by clinical symptoms. The medication is quinine, chloroquine, mefloquine, Halofantrine, Sulfadoxin, and pyrimethamine which have limited effects.


Works by destroying the se**xual form of all species of Plasmodium malaria in the blood, thereby preventing the transmission of parasites to the mosquito body. The drugs are Primaquine for the four species. Plasmodium as well as chloroquine and quinine for P. vivax, p. malariae, and P. ovale.


Works by inhibiting the development of the oocysts in the mosquito body, thereby preventing further transmission. The drug is a Primaquine and Chloroguanide.

Anti Malaria Med

Anti Malaria Meds For Preventing

For people living in areas with rare cases of malaria and want to visit the endemic area of the disease, a malaria prevention drug should be drunk for 4-8 weeks. It starts from a week before going to a malaria high risk place, up to 4 weeks after returning home. The drug should be taken every day at the same time, including during the stay in the endemic area.

Here are some types of malaria prevention drugs.

  • Atovaquone / proguanil
  • Doxycycline
  • Mefloquine
  • Chloroquine
  • Primaquine
  • Pyrimethamine

To determine which type of medication is appropriately administered as a prevention of malaria, you can consult a physician. The doctor will choose the type of medication based on malaria drug resistance patterns in the endemic areas you are aiming for, also based on your health condition.

Remember, malaria prevention drugs need to be consumed according to the dose and the time period prescribed by the doctor.

Anti Malaria Med For treatment

People with malaria do not need to worry because of the treatment and antimalarial medication that can be given to help cure.

Malaria medications that are often used to treat malaria are malaria medications of artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs) and chloroquine phosphate. Generally, doctors will give ACTs in advance.

ACTs of malaria medication are a combination of two or more medications that can eradicate parasitic causes of malaria.

Meanwhile, the chloroquine phosphate malaria drug is a malaria drug used for parasites that can still be overcome with the drug.

However, the chloroquine phosphate malaria drug is rarely used because some parasitic causes of malaria have begun to have chloroquine phosphate drug resistance.

In addition to the above malaria drugs, doctors can also use mefloquine, a combination of quinine sulfate with doxycycline, primaquine phosphate, and atovaquone combination with proguanil.

Generally, malaria is a disease that can be overcome by malaria medications. But nowadays, the parasitic cause of malaria that is immune to malaria drugs begins to emerge.

Therefore, in response to the emergence of parasites of malaria that is resistant to malaria drug, the development and research of new more effective malaria drugs is being pursued.

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