Lower Chest Workout
Lower Chest Workout

Lower Chest Workout for Beginners – 3 Easy to Follow Workouts to Sculpt Your Body

While people admire the six abs as the goal of their weight loss, a lower chest workout for beginners maybe is also essential. The well-trained lower chest muscles give you a good posture. It also makes your abs muscles look more attractive. We can say that the lower chest will emphasize your abs.

Now, it is up to you to make this muscle become toned, more attractive, and maybe, bigger. That will give you an appearance that you may never have imagined before. The question here is how, how can we do that? No worries! Below, we have several choices of lower chest workouts that you can try, at home or gym.

Lower Chest Workout for Beginners

Incline Pushup

Incline pushup is an easy and effective lower chest workout no equipment. You may still need some equipment, though, to create the incline position. Use a box, chair, or anything that can make your upper body higher than your lower’s. Of course, if you are too lazy to get the equipment, you can use the stairs in your house. In short, it is easy to do exercise that will train your lower chest muscles. How do you do it?

  • Stand in front of the box or anything that you are going to use to place your hand in the incline pushup position,
  • Open your legs shoulder-wide,
  • Now, start to place your hand on top of the box. Make sure, your palm is facing backward. So, if you bend your elbow to do pushups in this position, your elbow will bend backward. This position will train your triceps muscle as well as the entire chest muscle, including the lower chest muscle.
  • If placing your palm backward is too difficult, you also can place it facing the side. It will train a similar muscle area; however, it is not as effective as the backward palm position.
  • Do push ups several times. Try to do it slowly to give your muscles a real pressure that will train them for real.

For effective results, try 8-12 reps with 2-3 sets of training. You can do it twice or three times a week. If you combined it with a proper diet and supplement, you will see the result in a few weeks. Do not try to do it too often. You should give your muscle rest and a chance to fix the torn tissue and build the new muscle tissue.

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Lower Chest Workout with Dumbbells

If you have dumbbells, you also can use them to train your lower chest at your home. You may need a bench to help you reach all muscles that you want to train. So, prepare a bench as well. Try to use the bench so that you can adjust its height. Otherwise, a simple long bench is enough for dumbbell training for your lower chest muscle.

Here, we are going to show you two types of lower chest training using dumbbells. First of all, we have the Decline Dumbbell Press.

Decline Dumbbell Press

The position is similar to the bench-press training. However, you take the decline position with your head in the bottom area of the bench and using your knee to hold the upper part of the bench. Below is the direction to do this training.

  • Lie down on the decline bench. You can put something on one part of the bench to make it higher than the other part. Or, you can use the adjustable bench to do that.
  • Make sure your knee hangs on the higher part of the bench.
  • Now, take the dumbbells, hold them with both of your hands, and put them on your thigh.
  • Slowly, lift the dumbbell until your arm position is right above your chest. Then, slowly put it down to the initial position (dumbbells on your thigh).
  • Do it for several repetitions, three times a week to get the result that you want.

Dumbbells Pull-Over

As for this workout, you use the same equipment as the decline dumbbell press workout. But, you need to adjust the bench to create a flat and even place where you can lie down. You don’t need the decline position for this workout. To do this lower chest workout you can follow the instruction below:

  • Lie down on the flat bench that you have prepared before,
  • Bend your knee with your foot, step on the floor,
  • Take the dumbbells with both of your hands and lift them above your chest. Your arm position will be straight to the top of your chest. Make sure you also hold both dumbbells close to each other. Or, you also can use only one dumbbell.
  • Then, slowly, move the dumbbells to the top of your head while keeping your arm straight. Make sure the dumbbells move lower than your head position.
  • Slowly lift the dumbbell while maintaining your arm’s straight position to the initial position where you start the training.
  • Do it for 8-12 repetitions and two or three sets. If you do it correctly, this training will affect your lower muscle, triceps, and pectoral muscle.

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Lower Chest Workout with Upper Pulley

It is also known as lower chest workout cables. You use the upper pulley by pulling the cable right on your abs area. By stretching your arm, you train the lower chest muscle effectively. Make sure, when you do it, you lean forward, open your rib, and bend one of your knees for support. It will help you to pull the weight and get the maximum result. Unfortunately, you can only do it at the gym. Otherwise, you may have to buy the upper pulley equipment or make it yourself to try this workout.


The lower chest muscle is what you should train to get an attractive and a slim body shape like what you want. Fortunately, you can do it without leaving your house. Try the various pushup or lower chest workout at home with dumbbells. Of course, if you want to get the best result, you should go to the gym and try all the equipment there.

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