Chest Exercises for Men
Chest Exercises for Men

5 Best Chest Exercises for Men

The Best Chest Exercises for Men – It is not too late, men should start training to form the chest. In addition to making the appearance even more OK, the trained chest muscles can help carry out daily activities. This increasingly feels needed when men grow older.

Maybe you think, the exercise of the chest muscles is only needed by those who are conscious of the appearance. The chest exercises are also useful to help men do daily activities that may become harder as they age.

In addition to making the body strong when the elderly, building chest muscles also improve metabolism by helping the body secrete sugar from the blood. It is certainly good to prevent diabetes.

The exercise that determines and forms the chest will make you look better while helping to do a lot of tasks a day, such as encouraging and lifting objects. When your appearance and strength increase, it can also improve your mood.

Doing chest exercise means training chest muscles that are better known as pecs. Pecs is the largest muscle in the chest and there are also some small muscles that support chest muscle including the latissimus dorsi muscle or Lats and the sides of the chest as well as Trapezius muscles around the shoulder.

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Here we will give you some of the best chest exercises for men to build the strength and size of the chest that you can do.

Best Chest Exercises for Men

Chair Dips

How to build chest muscles can be with chair dips exercise. You can do this exercise at home with the help of a chair. The chair serves to support your body. This exercise is very effective in shaping your chest muscles and your hands.

There are 3 types of muscles that work on this exercise i.e. Shoulder muscles, triceps muscles, and chest muscles.

Do these exercises 3 sets with a count of 10-12 times.

How to put the chair behind you, then put the hand on the chair. Lift and hold the body, while doing the position down. This will make the muscles of the triceps, chest and shoulders contract. Then bend the knees toward the back. Do this way repeatedly.

Plyometric Push Up | 3 Sets of 8-10 Reps

The next way to build a man’s chest muscle is with a plyometric push up. Exercise suits you who are getting saturated with regular push up exercises. With this exercise, in addition to shaping the chest muscles, this exercise can also train the triceps muscles in one movement at a time.


  • Take the push up position
  • Press the body down
  • Lift the body up until both hands are lifted
  • Repeat.

Rotation Pushup | 3 Sets of 10-12 Reps

Chest Exercises for Men - Pushup

This exercise can train the chest muscles aside to make it look thicker and stronger. Rotation push ups also becomes one of the best exercises to improve the coordination and balance of the body.


  • Take the push up position
  • Open the right hand until the body tilts to the right
  • Back to original position
  • Replace with left hand.

Reverse Crunch

This exercise can be done at home at any time, movements are almost the same as pushups, the difference is not the part of the body that you lift but the legs. The legs are quite lifted from the bend movement, then to the straight movement, so onwards repeatedly. Your abdominal muscles will be form if you often do this exercise.


The plank is an isometric core strength exercise that involves maintaining a position similar to a push-up for the maximum possible time.

First, make the body position like pushups, then when the hand is straight upright as long as you can with the body position stay awake straight. Back and abdominal muscles will work hard to hold your body and thus when done repeatedly, the shape of the body will be more toned and ideal.

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Thank you very much for reading The Best Chest Exercises for Men, hopefully useful.

5 Best Chest Exercises for Men

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