Levemir vs lantus
Levemir vs Lantus

Insulin Levemir Vs Lantus: 3 Differences and Similarities

Levemir Vs Lantus is something talked by people when it comes to injectable insulin for long acting. So, if you want to use it to manage diabetes for long term then this thing should be on your consideration.

If a person has diabetes, the pancreas will produce little or even no insulin at all. Sometimes, your body cannot use the insulin in the right way. Insulin is needed to maintain the healthy blood sugar in type 1 and type-2 diabetes.

Levemir is used for fixing insulin detemir, while Lantus is used for fixing insulin glargine. Both work very slowly to decrease your blood sugar levels up to 24-hour period. But it can keep your blood sugar level a bit longer than insulin shot that only acts for short term.

How to use Levemir Vs Lantus

Levemir vs. Lantus, even though each of them has different ingredients, children and adult can use it. Levemir can even be used by at least 2 year-old individual. Meanwhile, it needs to be 6 years old to use Lantus. Both can help you to manage diabetes much better. However, short-acting insulin still needed to calm down the spike in the blood sugar level as well as preventing ketoacidosis.


Levemir is safe to be taken up to twice per day, depends on how fast your body cleanses your system from drug. But it is important to do close monitor to your blood level at the first time you try the drug. If necessary, you can report the number of your blood levels to make a report to your physician. This can help to adjust the dosage. If Levemir is taken once per day, it is better to have it with dinner or before bed. If you take it twice per day, it needs at least 12 hours separation between the first and second shot.

Lantus is only needed to be taken once per day. Your doctor will give you the schedule and dose about the shot. Besides, the doctor will also pick the unit number you use. It depends on the control target of your blood sugar level.

Side effects

Both drugs have similarity on side effects. Besides weight loss and skin reactions, there are some others such as:

  • Low level of blood sugar and blood potassium;
  • Fastened heart rate;
  • Tiredness;
  • Dizzy;
  • Hunger;
  • Nausea’
  • Blurry vision;
  • Muscle weakness.

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So, this is thing you need to know about Levemir Vs Lantus.

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