Left Lower Quadrant Pain
Left Lower Quadrant Pain

7 Diseases With The Left Lower Quadrant Pain Symptom

What is the main cause of the left lower quadrant pain? Pain in the stomach is very common to suffer from people. Unfortunately, people cannot describe it clearly and they often just say that their stomach is painful or feeling not comfortable. The doctor can classify the type of diseases by considering the placement of the pain source, particularly if you are suffering from stomach ache in the left lower quadrant area; it is probably because of some following problems.

Diseases With The Left Lower Quadrant Pain Symptom


Left Lower Quadrant Pain - Constipation
7 Diseases With The Left Lower Quadrant Pain Symptom 2

Constipation is signed with the painful feeling on the left side of your stomach. Despite the pain and uncomfortable feeling, other symptoms of constipation are bad bowel movements, gas bloating, and weight loss. If the condition is severe, you need to go to the doctor soon. Besides, make sure to treat yourself well by consuming foods with fiber and drink more pure water.


Appendicitis causes pain in the left lower quadrant area. However, it is not continuously like that from time to time. The pain may suddenly come starting from the lower right area or the middle of the stomach. Then, it moves to the lower left area. Some people may also experience it directly on the left lower stomach and then it moves to other parts. Well, the sharp pain in lower left abdomen female is commonly caused by appendicitis. If the inflammation is getting worse, the pain is felt more sharply.


Diverticula are a small pocket that is bumped and formed in the layer of your digestive system. The pocket is often found below the colon. Despite the condition being more common, particularly for people above 40, sometimes, it causes problems. Yes, diverticulitis can be inflamed and infected. In a worse condition, it is even busted. It causes a painful feeling particularly in the lower left abdomen area. Other symptoms of Diverticulitis are fever, nausea, and significant changes in your defecating habits.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

The next disease that causes pain in lower left abdomen and back is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). It is a kind of digestive disorder that attacks the colon. It is signed with the abdomen cramp and bloating. Sometimes, the back area feels not comfortable at all. IBS also causes problems in the intestine movement starting from constipation to diarrhea.


Cystitis or the bladder infection, commonly, is caused by the inflammation by bacterial infections. It may cause a painful and disturbing feeling. If the problem is not treated immediately, it can turn into more serious health problems, particularly if the inflammation has been spread to the kidneys. Other symptoms you may feel when you are suffering from Cystitis are burning sensations when urinating and painful pelvis. There are some factors that lead to problems. They are the side effects of drugs, radiation therapy, the use of vaginal douche, and more.

Renal Diseases

Kidney stones are caused by a high level of calcium in your body. Besides, dehydration is also another factor in the problem. Some common symptoms of the problem are the pain in the left lower quadrant area, fever, and nausea. The inflammation may be started from the bladder and then it moves to the kidneys. In the worst situation, there is blood during urination.

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A hernia is swelling of the soft tissues, commonly in the intestine areas. The swelling causes problems in the lower area of the stomach or diaphragm. The bump may cause pain in the lower left stomach, particularly if you are coughing or bending down your body. Although Hernia may not always be dangerous, it cannot heal by itself without help from the doctor. Besides, the cause of the left lower quadrant pain can also cause complications when it is not treated soon.

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