Liver Disease Symptoms
Liver Disease Symptoms

11 Liver Disease Symptoms – Don’t Underestimate It!

The liver is a digestive organ located just below the ribs, precisely on the right side of your abdomen. This organ serves to digest food and rid the body of toxic substances. When liver damage occurs, the signs can certainly interfere with health. So, what are the symptoms of liver disease?

Liver Disease Symptoms

Generally, liver disease, especially in the early stages, shows no obvious signs and symptoms. However, it does not close the possibility that liver damage can be characterized by certain conditions.

Here are some characteristics of liver disease that you need to be aware of. Because, the sooner the disruption of liver function is handled, the greater the chance of recovery.


The first characteristic of liver disease is the onset of itching. This itching is a sign that is able to cause the body to feel uncomfortable.

Symptoms of this itch are none other than the reaction of the liver’s function as bile to break down fat. If there is a blocked flow, it will cause excessive itching.

Bile acids produced as a reaction to it cause deposits in the skin to trigger itching. Not infrequently, this itch can then spread to the entire surface of the skin of the sufferer.

Excessive Fatigue

Fatigue can be one of Liver Disease Symptoms indicated by the body. When you feel tired quickly even if you don’t do much activity, you should be more aware of the health of your liver.

Because, the liver has an important function that is to convert glucose content into glycogen. Glycogen itself is a compound in the body that serves as an energy source for the body to be able to carry out activities normally.

However, if the liver organs work too much and do not produce many glycogen compounds, then the necessary energy becomes not available. This can then lead to the appearance of excessive fatigue that often approaches.

Experiencing skin discoloration.

The skin and eyes become yellowish so it is often called a jaundice. There are dark circles under the eyes.

Urine and Bowel movement

Urine is dark yellow. Irregular bowel movements, usually not every day.

Loss of appetite that causing weight loss.

Loss of appetite is one of Liver Disease Symptoms. Patients may become anemic and often feel nauseous. Flatulence, full of gas and digestion disorders after eating.

The stomach looks bloated.

This is due to swelling under the lower right rib, which is a common complaint of liver patients. This can put severe pressure on the diaphragm which sometimes hurts when breathing.

Pay attention to the shape and appearance of the nails.

The shape of the curved and whitish nails also indicates liver problems.

Brittle nails

Nail health is widely associated with liver health.

When the liver is normal, the nails will be fully nourished, this will show a shiny, smooth and toned red appearance.

However, if the nails look uneven, they look brittle most likely caused by a lack of blood in the liver.

Liver Disease Symptoms due to certain diseases

Because there are various types of problems in the liver that cause liver disease, then the symptoms will tend to be specific according to the disease that causes it until it eventually turns into a late-stage liver disease and liver failure.

Examples of symptoms of liver disease due to certain conditions or diseases include:

Gallstone disease.

The patient will experience upper right abdominal pain and vomiting after eating oily foods (fat). If the gallbladder becomes infected, then fever can occur.

Gilbert’s disease

Gilbert’s disease has no symptoms, usually known by accident on blood tests where blood bilirubin levels slightly increase.


Its full name is hepatic cirrhosis, which can be caused by hepatitis. Some symptoms of liver disease due to hepatic cirrhosis indicate the inability of the liver to metabolize waste products. In addition, the liver also fails in producing proteins, impaired blood clotting function, and impaired brain function.

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