How to maintain brain health
How to maintain brain health

How to maintain brain health

Every nerve and the motion of the human body is regulated by the brain. The brain is a vital organ that belongs to a human being. When the brain healthy, all the organs in the body will also follow. Conversely, when the brain is experiencing pain or even paralysis, then other organs would have experienced the same thing. Then, how to maintain brain health?

How to maintain brain health

Brain health has become a hot topic lately, as the latest data showed one in 10 people in United States (USA) aged over 65 years living with Alzheimer’s in 2017. In the past, research also shows that exercises can make your brain stay healthy as you get older.

How to maintain brain health How to maintain brain health

It’s still linked thereto, a new study published. The journal of Alzheimer’s Disease find more evidence to support the findings. In the study of UT Southwestern, researchers see old people with a high risk of Alzheimer’s and other mental tests to measure their brain function, and use the VO2 max rating to measure their fitness level. (VO2 max Rating distinguishes this research from previous research, which relies on people to report their own fitness level.)

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The participants ‘ brains are also scanned to see how well their white material, a collection of nerves in the brain that affect learning, brain function, and communication between the various parts of the brain. Of all old people or patients, all of whom have an initial sign of memory loss or mild cognitive impairment, the less physically fit tend to have weak white matter, which correlates with the lower part of the brain function.

While the findings promising, there is still much research to be done when it comes to the effects of regular exercise for the brain. It is not clear how fit a person can significantly reduce the risk of dementia or how late we start the program when it is already experiencing symptoms of cognitive disorders.

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