Sleep needed by age
Sleep Needed By Age

Sleep Needed By Age

Sleep Needed By Age – Sleep is one of the needs of every living being. In humans, sleep serves to collect energy that has been lost and helps the body to build its immune system. When this sleep need is not fulfilled, one can be lack of energy and easily sick.

The amount of sleep a person needs depends on a number of factors, one of which is the main one is age. The older a person gets, the less hours of sleep they need. However, there are still some conditions that make a person need to get more sleep time.

Everyone is encouraged to take time off, according to their portion if they want to stay healthy.

Lack of sleep or too much sleep is signaled to have a less good impact on the body.

The sleep pattern that most people undergo is a pattern of sleep for several hours at a certain time.

But some people ignore this pattern and have a habit of sleeping anywhere and anytime that affects daily living arrangements.

Well, here’s a person’s ideal bedtime based on his or her age.

Sleep Needed By Age

Sleep Needed By Age #1: Newborns (0-28 days)

Newborns (0-28 days): 16-20 hours with a sleep pattern of 1-4 hours of sleep period followed by 1-2 hours of waking period. The number of naps is equal to the night.

Sleep Needed By Age #2: Age 0-1 Month

Babies who are only 2 months old generally need to sleep 14-18 hours every day.

#3. Children aged 1 – 4 months

In infants aged 1 to 4 months, they begin to understand the concept of day and night. In this phase, the baby also begins to have a regular sleep pattern according to his age. They will sleep with a longer period, which is about 4-6 hours.

#4. Children aged 4 – 12 months

In this phase, the baby’s sleep needs are about 15 hours in a day. In fact, when he is approaching one year old, he will probably have about 11 hours of sleep per day.

When the baby’s nap hours are reduced, he will have a longer night’s sleep hours. Sometimes, he can also have hours of sleep in the break between morning and noon around 9:30.

#5. Age 12- 18 Months

At this age, babies need 12-14 hours of sleep each day including a nap. Getting enough sleep will make the baby’s body and brain develop well and normally.

#6. Age 3-6 Years

The need for healthy sleep in the child’s age before entering the school, they need time to rest sleep 11-13 hours, including naps. According to the study, children under the age of six who lack sleep, will be less likely to be obese later in life.

#7. Age 6-12 years

Children of this age need 10 hours of sleep.

According to research, children who do not have enough rest time, can cause them to become hyperactive, not concentrate on learning, and have problems with behavior in school.

#8. Age 12–18

This adolescence takes eight to nine hours of sleep. Sleep-deprived teens are more susceptible to depression, unfocused and poor grades at school.

#9. Age 18–40

This young to middle-aged period takes 7–8 hours of sleep.

#10. Elderly

Seniors get enough sleep 7 hours. Sleep needs continue to decline. If >60 years is enough 6 hours per day.

Although the data is recommended, it is also explained that each person’s ideal bedtime can vary. The required sleep time at the age of 18-60 years is only about 7-8 hours. Over 60 years old only need 6 hours of sleep in a day. Naturally, the hours of sleep of the elderly are getting less and making them wake up very early, and sleep early in the night.

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