How to cure dog constipation
How To Cure Dog Constipation (Illustration/pixabay)

How To Cure Dog Constipation

Constipation means no, rare or difficult bowel movements. Most healthy dogs defecate once or twice a day. This varies depending on the individual and its diet. A day or even two days without bowel movements not to worry about, if the stool remains normal and come out easily. But when the stool is stuck in the colon for two or three days, the stool will become dry and hard, and causes the dog must be strong push to be able to remove it.

How To Cure Dog Constipation

Most of the mild constipation can be cured with home remedies or without the administration of any medicine. However, if the condition is severe, then the medical care is needed. For mild cases, constipation can be cure with home remedies as follows:

Eating Pumpkins for dog constipation is an effective home remedy. Pumpkin is very rich in fiber.
Here’s how: pumpkin fresh peeled and shredded and then give it to your dog. Provided in the amount of not more than 5 tbsp (tablespoons) grated pumpkin in 2 times a day. If you give a lot more from this advice, dogs can experience diarrhea. There are also some people who prefer the trick with cooking the pumpkin and gave to the dog. Treatment with this pumpkin should give results within 24 hours.

Aloe Vera.
Aloe Vera juice can also provide comfort for dog constipation. This plant has beneficial effects on digestive function and acts as a natural cleaning system. Aloe Vera should always be given in the form of juice for pets.

Add digestive enzymes and probiotics to your dog’s diet in the form of yogurt is another great remedy for constipation. Yogurt can even help relieve indigestion. Probiotics in yogurt increases the multiplication of ‘ good ‘ bacteria in the digestive tract. This in turn helps to increase the digestive fermentation material, so that material can be absorbed and pass easily through the colon.

Ginger and chicken broth.
Feeding the ginger and chicken broth for dog constipation can provide benefits. First of all, the ginger help digestive health and helps maintain a regular bowel movement. Second, the fat in chicken broth works as a laxative to help cure constipation.

If your dog is not allergic or sensitive to milk, milk can play a key role in treating constipation. Milk serves as a laxative in dogs and stimulate the bowel movement in a few hours.

Figs are also good for treating constipation in dogs. They are rich in fiber.

To treat constipation in dogs, enough hydration is a must. In fact, one of the most common reasons for constipation is inadequate water intake. The dog is not drinking enough water are likely to be frequently affected by constipation.

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