How to get gum out of hair
How to Get Gum Out Of Hair

How to Get Gum Out Of Hair Clearly Without Cutting Our Hair

How to Get Gum Out Of Hair Clearly Without Cutting Our Hair – Remaining gum stuck in hair? If this happens to you, what would you do? Most people prefer to do an instant way of cutting the side of the hair that is exposed to gum.. Get gum in our hair is very awful. The gum will stick to our hair for a long time. It is hard to remove it.

But did you know that there are other ways that are effective to Get Gum Out Of Hair Clearly Without Cutting Our Hair. Want to know how? Here is how to Get Gum Out Of Hair Clearly Without Cutting Our Hair.

How to get gum Out Of Hair

How to get gum out of hair? It is simple questions come up when the gum stick on our hair. It is often happening to the children. The simplest way to remove it is by using a scissor. We do not need a long time, just cut the gum and finish. But, it can make our hair messy. There are some solutions to clean the gum.

Using peanut butter

Peanut butter is hydrophobic. It can be used to reduce the hum in your hair easily. You can put the peanut butter in the gum. It will stick each other. You only need to wait for several minutes. 10 or 15 minutes is enough to put the gum out of your hair. The gum no longer sticks to your hair, it will stick with peanut butter.

Using cooking oil

Cooking oil is also a hydrophobic substance. It can help to remove the gum easily. How to get gum out of hair? Just put the cooking oil in your hair. And then, you can rub slowly using your finger. Remove the gum little by little. You have to be patient because you cannot do it instantly.

There are some cooking oils can be used to remove the gum. They are olive oil and coconut oil. You can easily find it in the kitchen. So, directly give the cooking oil after the gum stick on your hair.

Using ice cube

How to get gum out of hair clearly? If you have not been patient using peanut butter and cooking oil, you can try to use ice cube. The ice cube, will make the gum freeze. The freezing gum will make it not sticky. You can put the ice cube for 10 or 15 minutes. If the gum is frozen, you can directly remove the gum out of your hair. It is only effective for a little gum.

Using vinegar

Vinegar also can be used to remove the gum. Just dip our hair in the vinegar for several minutes, and then you can put the gum from your hair. However, it will give a bad odor in your hair.

Warm water.

Clean the affected area with warm water. Warm water will help reduce the level of stickiness of gum in the hair.

Chocolate bar.

In addition to delicious to eat, chocolate bars turn out could also be used to get rid of gum stuck in hair.

It’s easy, just follow these instructions.

  • Shrink the chocolate bar.
  • Then in the hair affected by gum, rub the chocolate melts earlier.
  • Wait several minutes to allow the gum to break and be easily removed.
  • If finished, you can rinse your hair until clean.

Using lubricants.

  • Prepare a lubricant.
  • Use rubber bands to separate the affected hair
  • Apply lubricant using the fingers.
  • Once the lubricant is applied to the hair, remove chewing gum with a rare toothed comb. Clean the comb as often as possible because gum will continue sticking to the comb.
  • Wash hair with shampoo

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