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AHA Vs BHA: Definition, Contents, Usability, and Products

AHA Vs BHA: What they are?

AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) are acidic compounds that include effective to exfoliate or peel off dead skin cells. Every day, the body produces new skin cells to replace the old skin cells. Well, this dead skin cell can sometimes not be detached perfectly and still stick to the skin.

This is why you need to exfoliate using certain chemical compounds to help with the disposal. AHA and BHA only work on the outermost layer skin or on the skin surface. Both of these compounds will not enter into the dermis or even to the tissues in the skin.

Content of AHA Vs BHA.

AHA is an abbreviation of alpha hydroxy acid. The content of AHA is several compounds such as glycolic acid (from sugar cane), lactic acid (from milk), malic acid (from apples), and citric acid (from oranges). AHA is a water-soluble acid.

While the BHA stands for beta hydroxy acid. In the medical world of dermatology, the BHA is likened to salicylic acid. Thus, unlike AHA, which contains many compounds, the BHA contains only one compound. Moreover, the BHA is also insoluble in water, but in oil or fat.

AHA Vs BHA Usability:


AHA has the ability to damage the outer layers of the skin. The goal is to stimulate a healthier skin growth. In addition, the AHA also helps to increase the amount of collagen to make the skin more supple and elastic. Therefore, the AHA is usually widely used in anti aging cream products.

AHA (Alpha hydroxy acid) is recommended for skin that is damaged by sunlight and dry skin. AHA contains moisturizers that work to trap moisture in the skin, making the skin appear more humid. Examples of AHA compounds are glycolic and lactic acid.

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Meanwhile, the BHA is generally able to enter the skin pores to remove dead skin cells that accumulate and excess oil. Therefore, the BHA is usually suitable for oily and acne-prone skin.

The BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid or salicylic acid) does not contain moisturizers. Therefore, facial care products containing the BHA are more recommended to solve oily skin problems because they are drying.

In addition, the BHA also contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents so it is potent to use for sensitive skin, breakouts, and blackheads.

The BHA can also be recommended for people who have rosacea as it can reduce facial redness and make reasonable look smoother. However, not all skin with rosacea can react well with skin exfoliation products. If you have rosacea, it is advisable to always do a patch test before using skin care products.

AHA Vs BHA: Products.

What products contain AHA?

As mentioned earlier, AHA is quite popular among skin care. But, there are some AHA types that specifically got special attention. Glycolic acid and lactic acid are the two most common AHA types found in skin care products. If you feel that your skin needs AHA, always look for the two content in every skin care because it is capable of smoothing and refreshing skin.

What products does the BHA contain?

Just like the AHA, the BHA is also quite popular among skin care. There is one type of BHA that is very commonly known as acne breaker. If you have long struggled with acne, you may have used it, which is salicylic acid. BHA can be found in every skincare, whether it’s cleanser or body cream. Some skin care also combines AHA and BHA in toner form. A Toner like this is an ideal combination for acne-prone skin type that is easy to break out.

Safety limit.

Many skin care lines are also combined. So, the product selection is completely depends on your skin’s needs and conditions.

Before purchasing an Exfoliator product, carefully examine the content indicated on the packaging. In addition, it is important to consider the concentration of AHA or BHA content.

Because if used excessively, it can cause negative effects on the skin. The content of more than 10 percent is only allowed on doctor’s prescription.

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