How To Make Makeup Last All Day
How To Make Makeup Last All Day

4 Easy Tips How To Make Makeup Last All Day

How To Make Makeup Last All Day – Makeup lasts all day is a necessity for women, especially those who often do activities outside the home. The facial makeup used daily is usually not heavy makeup. Simple makeup only, but usually manages to make the face look fresher and make you more confident.

Even so, makeup thin is also prone to loss. For this reason, Beauties needs to repeatedly tidy up the makeup on the face. However, there are ways you can follow so you don’t have to go back and forth to the toilet to tidy up your makeup.


How To Make Makeup Last All Day

1. Prepare the Skin

Prepare here by cleaning the skin first. Next do exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, and finally, make sure to moisturize the skin. To remove dead skin at least do exfoliate 2 times a week.

The process of cleaning and removing dead skin cells on facial skin is very important to maintain healthy skin and make skin glow. Furthermore, a healthy and moisturized skin condition can make the makeup look better and make it blend together without any cracks. So it can last longer.

2. Apply Primer as a Makeup Base and Use Setting Spray

Use primary before applying foundation will make make up more locked and durable. Use it primary that matches the skin of the face for maximum results.

In addition, finished makeup should be locked with a spray setting. With a spray setting, it can help maintain skin moisture so that makeup lasts a long time.

3. Avoid Applying Too Thick Makeup

So that the makeup lasts a long time, namely not directly applying it too thick. Do it slowly and thinly, especially foundation. If it is too thick, over time the skin will lose moisture and cause cracks in the makeup.

4. Use Loose Powder at the End of Makeup

Lastly, don’t forget to use loose powder. Besides being able to make the face look more radiant, it can also put all makeup together and keep the makeup lasting for a whole day.

Pay attention to the four tips How To Make Makeup Last All Day. With these tips, the most important thing is to always maintain healthy skin because that is the main key so that makeup can be maintained.

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