Does your hair is already feeling greasy and “wither” this afternoon, but last night had just been shampooed? Most likely you have an oily scalp! Sebum, or natural fat created by the […]

Collagen is a protein contained in the body of which plays an important role for durability of the body. Content of collagen in the body reaches 30% of all proteins […]

If during your beauty ritual before bed only as brushing your teeth and applying night cream, experts in the field of beauty agree that you may be forgetting one of […]

Lice are a problem of hair that is often experienced at present. A wide range of changes in the pattern of life be facilitated with modern equipment can be a major […]

Alopecia (baldness) is a disorder that occurs where the amount of hair loss is more than the hair that grows. In some cases, the hair does not grow back, and […]