How to deal with bronchitis at home
How to deal with bronchitis at home

How to deal with bronchitis at home

How to deal with bronchitis at home – Acute bronchitis is inflammation of the lining of the large airways of the lung. The disease is usually caused by a viral infection with symptoms such as cough, phlegm, constantly accompanied by headaches, itchy or sore throat, fatigue and muscle aches.

Bronchitis is a disease most commonly occurs with the above symptoms. Because antibiotics cannot help treat viral infections, knowing some of the treatment can be done at home it will be better to help you feel more comfortable with fast.

How to deal with bronchitis at home

Use a humidifier.

This tool helps keep the humidity in the air that can help relieve nasal congestion. You can also add essential oils which help to thin the mucus and cough so it makes breathing more relief.

Expectorant cough medication.

There are two types of cough namely cough suppressant for dry cough, and expectorant for coughing up phlegm. Bronchitis sufferers should use expectorant to help pull out the mucus.

Drink plenty of fluids.

Drink eight glasses or more every day really help resolve the bronchitis. Water can replace the fluid that is lost due to rapid breathing, helps overcome the dehydration and reduce mucus.

Drinking warm tea with honey.

Tea helps you stay hydrated, and honey is good for overcoming cough with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Enough sleep.

How to deal with bronchitis at home by enough sleep

Sleep is very important to overcome all ailments including bronchitis. Sleeping less than 5 hours a night has been linked to increased chances of developing respiratory infections.

The consumption of vitamin C.

Vitamin C can help improve the durability of our body. Drink at least 1,000 mg vitamin C give results that are effective for reducing symptoms of bronchitis.

Enrich your zinc.

The minerals that help overcome the symptoms of bronchitis is as much 15-25 mg of zinc per day. You can get it from supplements containing zinc.

Chicken soup.

Chicken soup can help get rid of the symptoms of bronchitis. A study finds chicken soup contains several substances that help reduce the inflammation so that it can reduce the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections. Read also: List of foods to boost immune system.

How to deal with bronchitis at home

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