How to get rid of a cold and cough overnight
How to get rid of a cold and cough overnight

How to get rid of a cold and cough overnight

Cough and cold caused by viral infections can generally be cured by itself within 1 week. Even so, cough and cold can sometimes interfere with your daily activities. Then, how can make the cough and cold heal faster and you can play back as usual? Here’s some advice for you How to get rid of a cold and cough overnight.

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Cough and cold are the complaints most often experienced by everyone, especially in unstable weather conditions. A cold is a mild infection in the nose, sinus tract, throat, and upper respiratory tract due to virus attacks. Someone who is sick with fever usually suffering from cough, breathing is not fluent, and hoarseness. There are several things you can do to relieve cough and cold include:

How to get rid of a cold and cough overnight

1. Drinking lots of water.

Cough and cold cause postnasal drip, that is the condition that occurs when excessive mucus piled on the back of the throat. Make sure you are properly hydrated will help dilute mucus due to postnasal drip. In addition, many drinking will also help keep the mucous membranes remain moist. Some clinical evidence says that drinking warm tea with honey, can also be soothing to the throat.

2. Suck Lozenges candy

Lozenges contain menthol so that could help relieve nasal congestion, throat pain, as well as reduces the cough reflex.

3. Soak in warm water.

A warm bath can not only help reduce coughing and cold, but also allergy. For some people the use of air humidifiers can also help relieve the symptoms of cough and cold. Because this tool could damming of the room when the air is dry.

4. Take cough medicine.

If all of the above does not help, you can switch to the cough medicine sold in drug stores. You could be taking medications that contain decongestants. Decongestants help relieve nasal congestion with shrink swollen nasal tissue and reduce mucus production. Decongestant medication present in preparations of pills, syrups, and nasal sprays as well.

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