Proton Cancer Therapy
Proton Cancer Therapy

Proton Cancer Therapy: Definition, 10 Benefits, and How Does It Work

Proton Cancer Therapy Definition, Benefits, and How Does it WorkRadiation therapy is one of the three main methods of cancer treatment that is becoming popular because it is considered to have the lightest impact on the human body. Proton beam therapy is one type of radiation therapy, utilizing the advantages of proton physical character, which can give adequate radiation doses to targeted cancer tissues while reducing the dose of radiation applied to normal tissue.

Therefore proton beam therapy gets a lot of attention from and outside Japan, because it can be applied to a variety of cases, such as the treatment of diseases that are difficult to cure by other treatment methods, this method is more effective than other treatment methods, and contributes to improving the quality of life (QOL).

Proton beam therapy is a state-of-the-art cancer treatment that reduces side effects commonly experienced in conventional radiotherapy. The system works by firing proton beams at the site of the tumor, where it releases its energy. Healthy cells in front of the tumor get low doses of radiation, and the healthy cells behind the tumor are not exposed at all.

What is Proton Cancer Therapy?

Proton therapy is a highly accurate and less invasive form of cancer treatment. Protons are subatomic particles with a positive charge that can be manipulated and controlled to stop and transmit radiation directly to the tumor, which runs not far from the outer tumor wall. This is especially beneficial for those who are susceptible to radiation or have received radiation before either or directly adjacent to the area that needs to be treated.

Proton Cancer Therapy Benefits

Laser-like precision

Protons can be manipulated to stop and transmit radiation directly to the tumor and nothing further.

Radiation dose variations

Proton therapy allows the doctor to vary the intensity of the radiation dose at some point in the tumor, which is not possible with other technologies.

Treatment for many types of tumors

Proton therapy technology expands treatment options to treat larger, irregularly shaped tumors. It also allows more types of tumors to be treated compared to what might happen with passively dispersed protons.

Lower incidence of secondary tumors

Reduced radiation toxicity results in a lower incidence of secondary tumors compared to standard X-ray radiation.

Good treatment effects

Only high-energy irradiation targeted at tumor lesions can achieve good treatment results.

Minimal Side Effects

Because proton therapy protects healthy tissue around the tumor, side effects such as diarrhea, nausea, headaches, and loss of appetite are less likely to occur. After treatment, most patients continue their daily routine.

Good treatment effects

Only high-energy irradiation targeted at tumor lesions can achieve good treatment results.

Suitable for old and young patients

Fewer body loads, elderly patients or frail patients are better suited for treatment.

Wide range of treatments

Patients who cannot be treated surgically due to complications may also receive proton therapy.

No hospitalization required, leave it 30 minutes after exposure

Care will not interfere with normal life and work, and can maintain a good quality of life.

How does proton therapy for cancer work?

Similar to other modern radiotherapy technologies, radiation causes damage to cancer cells, which, unfortunately, will damage other cells and tissues in the surrounding area.

The main differentiator between Proton Beam and other radiotherapy technologies is the ability to move protons at various speeds depending on the depth of the cancer cells in the organs. This technology allows a high level of control, as a result, protons hit cancer cells but do not continue to penetrate the target cells and exit the body.

This feature reduces the number of tissues affected by the treatment and keeps the tissue healthy from therapeutic damage.


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