How to cure pink eye?
How to cure pink eye? (Illustration/pixabay)

10 Tips – How to cure pink eye at home and medically

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How to cure pink eye – Pink eyes or conjunctivitis is an eye disease caused by allergies or infections. Generally the disease will heal on its own, but there are a few steps you can take to accelerate its healing and it depends on the type of pink eye you suffer.

Here are the steps you should know so that you can eliminate the disease immediately.

How to cure pink eye at home 

The best remedy to cure pink eyes depends on the cause. Here are some of the ways that we can do to cure pink eye.

1# A warm compress.

Soak a small towel in warm water and wring it out. Compresses the eyes for 10 minutes. Heat can increase blood flow to the eye and also increase the production of oil in the eyelids. This will make the eyes produce more lubrication.

2# Cold Compress.

If the warm compress is not effective, do the opposite. A cold compress usually quite effectively eliminates puffiness and alleviate itching due to irritation of the eyes. Do not direct an ice compress on the eyes.

The eye is part of the body that is often exposed to irritants. Irritation of the eyes that causes pink eyes usually occurs due to impurities such as dust that gets into the eye.

There are several recommended solutions to treat eye irritation due to dust. The following ways of doing this properly, then eyes will be back to normal.

3# Wash eyes with rose water.

This is one of the practical treatment ways you can do it yourself at home. Wash the eyes of two to three times per day using rose water to give the effect of a sense of cool and soothing on the eyes.

4# Wash The Eye

Always wash the eye with clean water and fresh after the activity outdoors.

Dust and particle pollution is a major cause of pink and itchy eyes.

5# Breat Milk

Breast milk is one of the natural remedies to cure pink eyes and itching.

Take a little breast milk using cotton, then place on top of the eye to get a soothing effect.

6# Try using allergic medicines.

For mild allergic conjunctivitis, oral allergy medication without a prescription that can be purchased at the pharmacy has enough relieved symptoms within a few hours to several days. If it is not immediately lost, it is likely the cause of bacteria or viruses.

7# Eye drop

Use eye drops without a doctor’s prescription from the pharmacy.  “Artificial tears” can relieve symptoms and clean the eyes.

8# Wait for the viral conjunctivitis to heal by itself.

Just like any other viral infection, your body will overcome it on its own. Most cases of viral conjunctivitis will heal by itself within 7-14 days without causing long-term complications or interfere with your eyes. If your doctor determines that the cause is a more dangerous virus (such as herpes), he or she may suggest the use of antiviral drugs.

How To Cure Pink Eye Medically

9# Spend antibiotics prescribed for bacterial conjunctivitis.

At a mild bacterial conjunctivitis, the doctor may advise you to let it heal by itself. However, in more serious bacterial infections, doctors will definitely prescribe antibiotics. In many cases, a given prescription is an eye drop or a special antibiotic ointment for the pink eye.

The doctor can determine the right eye drops for you based on the history, sensitivity or resistance to previous antibiotics, and/or allergies. Symptoms usually subside within 3-5 days, but be sure to inform the development of your condition to the doctor. 

10# Seek medical help

Seek medical help if conjunctivitis is caused by the exposure of chemicals. You may experience many symptoms if conjunctivitis is caused by chemicals. If this is the case, rinse your eyes with sterile eyewash fluid, then seek medical help immediately.

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