Facts About The Muscular System
Facts About The Muscular System

10 Facts About The Muscular System You Need To Know

Not many people know the various Facts About The Muscular System. In fact, unknowingly, daily activities ranging from breathing, swallowing, and moving even if done with the help of muscles.

However, regardless of how important muscles are to survive, there’s still a lot we don’t know about how it performs and what unique things human muscles can do. Here is some discussion of the facts about the muscular system that must be known.

Facts About The Muscular System

Muscle Butt is the strongest

You’ve probably heard the facts about this one muscle, its contents say that the tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body. Unfortunately, the reality is not so. The strongest and greatest muscle in the human body is Gluteus Maximus, which is the butt muscle. Besides buttocks there are other strong muscles such as calf muscles, uterine muscles (on the female body) and jaw muscles.

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Muscles are divided into three types: smooth muscles, heart, and skeletal

Smooth muscles are unconscious muscles that are in the intestines, blood vessels, and elsewhere that work without you being aware of.

The heart muscle is located in your heart.

Skeletal muscles cling to the bones and help you with everyday activities ranging from sitting and standing to walking, typing, and doing housework.

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35-40% of the body mass is muscle

The body has three types of muscles, skeletal muscle, heart muscle, and smooth muscles. The muscles are scattered all over the body. The most amazing, there are about 650 layers of skeletal muscle in the human body. That explains why 35 to 40 percent of body mass is gained from muscle mass.

Your body contains more than 600 muscles

These include the muscles that you can feel in your arms and legs, as well as the muscles deep in your body, like the muscles that make your heart beat and the muscles that help you digest food.

While sleeping, muscles develop

After a vigorous exercise or body fitness activity, indeed, muscle growth occurs when a person is asleep, because the muscles are relaxed so the blood flow to the muscles also increases. So, for those who love to maintain body fitness, make sure to get enough rest.

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Muscle creates 85 percent of the warmth of body temperature

Facts About The Muscular System creates warm body temperature

When contracting, muscles secrete a sense of warmth to the body. Especially when exposed to cold air, skin receptors transmit cold marker signals, thereby triggering brain performance to make muscles contract and warm the body.

Easier to build muscle than eliminate them

A study found that removing the shape of the muscles has double difficulty than forming it. Even in two months, a vigorous exercise can gain an increase in energy and muscle as much as 47 percent.

Muscles burn calories more than fat

In one day, the number of calories that can be burned by the body without heavy activity depends on the body muscle composition. Muscle metabolism is more active than fat, which means that the muscles are able to burn more calories than fat even if we are only resting all day. In one day 500 grams of muscle are able to burn six calories, whereas fat can only burn 2 calories.

Your muscle food is so easy

As a mammal species, we have a simple digestive system that really makes your muscles stronger. As long as your food contains enough protein and carbohydrates, your muscles will quickly regenerate from injuries and certainly become stronger. Balanced with enough sleep and exercise too.

Not all talented people become bodybuilders

The human body structure is unique. One person with another must be different. Humans are divided into 3 body shapes, Ectomorph (thin), Mesomorph (Ideal), Endomorph (thick). So before you go to the gym, learn your body first. If you are ectomorph, eat a lot of foods that are high in protein and lots of exercise that makes your body full.

For you who mesomorph, this can be a bodybuilder. For endomorphs, you have to take care of your food, just once, you eat carelessly, you will immediately look stocky. No need to be inferior, endomorph bodies have the term stocky build, their legs are very powerful.

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10 Facts About The Muscular System You Need To Know

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