How long does it take to develop muscle?
How long does it take to develop muscle?

How long does it take to develop muscle? 1 or 2 Months?

How long does it take to develop muscle? – Everyone definitely wants to have a slim muscular body. And, regular exercise has been proven to be able to realize these desires. However, the question of when to results exercises look is definitely always haunting the mind. How long does it take to develop muscle?

However, the muscles cannot be formed instantly. It takes work and a significant commitment to see the results. Yes, it took a long time to get the slim body and muscle safely and healthy.

Any drastic weight fluctuations, usually occur because we lose fluid retention, not because of the muscles is formed. In fact, one month is not enough to get the muscle shape that we want. So, How long does it take to develop muscle?

How long does it take to develop muscle?

The amount of muscle a person obtained within one month. The maximum amount of muscle that we can get in a month not only differs between men and women, but also every individual.

Factors such as the intensity of the exercise, the initial weight, frequency, genetic makeup, diet, rest, hormone levels, each one has a specific effect on strengthening the muscle. In fact, if we apply the diet perfectly and maintain constant exercise regime, don’t expect to see significant results within just one month.

With all these considerations, the average man can earn about 0.5 to one kilogram of muscle per month. Meanwhile, the average women only get a form of muscle up to 0.5 kilos in a month.

There are several types of sports can build muscle faster in the long run. Heavy resistance Exercise can build muscle faster than light resistance and cardio exercises.

So that the muscles can form and grow optimally, it is recommended to provide a great stimulus to make muscles work. We must also compensate with enough rest and eat the right nutrients. This is powerful to make muscles grow bigger and stronger. Essentially, to build muscle we must use our muscles.

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Exercise that involves lifting weights, can serve to strengthen the muscles. In the meantime, cardio based workout will not give you optimal results. Based on the concept of Fitness sports, cardiovascular exercise stimulus is usually not enough to cause a significant increase in muscle. The muscles do not need to be larger and stronger just to get the endurance.

However, the muscle must be larger and more powerful to lift heavier weights. So, does the diet was also influential in the formation of muscle? Another thing to consider when trying to build muscle is to our diet. Despite diligent practice sports, weight gain can still be added.

This kind of thing can be caused due to the addition of fat and not muscle, especially if fluid retention does not occur. We can still build muscle despite having a poor eating patterns. However, consuming fatty foods will only inhibit muscle growth.

Quality, quantity, and diet time has a direct impact on the ability to build muscle. To support the muscle building program, we must consume natural foods and high in protein.

Meanwhile, time is important because it is integral to making the muscles become relaxed. For the best results, it is recommended that we consume protein after 30 minutes to an hour after exercise. This time is the time that is optimal for the muscles to absorb the protein we consume and begin the rebuilding process. Muscle building may be a slow process. But, the effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle will be seen over time.

Update: 18 June 2019.

What’s the fastest time for someone shaping a good body? At least abdominal, chest and arm muscles already formed?

Each individual has different body characters and different metabolic and hormonal systems. To get an ideal body is also very varied for each individual, depending on the mass of body fat and muscle mass that had when starting the exercise program. The higher the fat mass body, the longer time it takes to get the results it wants. However, all individuals can certainly get a proportional body, with the abdominal, chest and arm muscles formed, the origin has a high commitment in practicing and maintaining the diet.

The exercise Program should always be based on a GPO (Gradually Progressive Overload) that always increases the load in each exercise with the goal of increasing the strength and muscle mass of the body. 

Don’t forget to combine the load exercises with cardio exercises. It is recommended that cardio exercises be performed after weight training for individuals who have moderate-high body fat.

As an easy benchmark in designing training programs for those who have a high-body fat is: The weight training is 30-40%, cardio exercise 60-70% of the total number of exercises in 1 week. For example, in 1 week, the number of exercises 5 times, then the weight training 2 times and the Cardio exercise 3 times. For those with low body fat are: The weight training is 60-70% and the Cardio exercise is 30-40%.

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