Effects Of Low Carb Diet On The Body
Effects of low carb diet on the body

Effects of low carb diet on the body

Low-carb diet or a diet that limit consumption of carbohydrates is rising. Claimed to lose weight fast, a lot of people interested in trying to run this diet. However, whether this diet safe for health? Here’s Effects of low carb diet on the body.

Effects of low carb diet on the body

There are a variety of low-carb diets, but what is popular today is the ketogonic diet. Adherents of this diet restrict carbohydrate and fat intake is increased. As it turns out, this kind of diet can make the body become limp. The nutritionist also rate this diet could backfire for health.

The body gets the energy it needs by breaking down carbohydrates from foods we consume. But because of the shortage of this vital nutrient, the body will begin to break down fat.

This stuff sounds good. However, when the body breaks down fat, it releases ketones, which is a molecule that is produced by the liver from fatty acids. High ketone levels can cause dehydration and changes the chemical balance of the blood.

What’s more, a low-carb diet  difficult surviving in the long term, so that instead of causing your weight fluctuates. All of these things are bad for health.

In some small medical cases, the ketogenic diet actually benefits, as for epilepsy patients. But for the general public, ketogenic diet is quite dangerous.

And then, how a proper diet? To lose weight, doctors recommend to switch your favorite simple carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates such as whole cereal, brown rice, or oatmeal.

If you still want to do this diet, the Ketogenic Diet Should Be Under Doctor’s Control. When in doubt with type carbo to choose, browse the brands that include the word “whole” in front of its main ingredients. At least every foodstuff has 3 grams of fiber per dish. This way will make the stomach not starving and health maintained.

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