Dangerous plant that causes blindness
Dangerous Plant That Causes Blindness

3 Dangerous Plant That Causes Blindness

Plants are living creatures that move passively. Some plants usually contain toxins that are quite dangerous. Here are The Dangerous Plant That Causes Blindness

Dangerous Plant That Causes Blindness

Giant Hogweed

The first Dangerous Plant That Causes Blindness is Giant Hogweed.

At first glance, this herb looks like a pretty ornamental plant. It is a giant Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum).

However, unlike its beautiful appearance, this giant Hogweed is toxic. Even if exposed to the eye, it can lead to blindness.

Giant Hogweed becomes a monster plant that threatens the environment and human. If exposed to the sap of this plant, the human skin can blister like burns even a permanent blindness.

These plants are commonly found in the United States and Britain. There have been a number of cases of people affected by Hogweed burns quite badly. Their skin is peeling like burning.

Giant Hogweed is regarded as a dangerous weed in the US. Hogweed can grow to 14 meters.

Hogweed is an indigenous plant from the Caucasus of the Asian region such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and parts of Russia. Originally this plant was introduced to the U.S. as an ornamental plant that escapes cultivation.

Poison in a giant Hogweed is found in the sap in the plant stem.

If our skin is exposed to stems or leaves, or just rubbed into parts of plants that make the sap out, then it can make our skin become sensitive to ultraviolet radiation.

That is, if exposed to the skin, then our skin will stop protecting itself from sunlight and finally make it burn.

Burns caused by this plant sap is called Phytophotodermatitis. These burns are much worse than normal burns.

If it is sweat, the burns will be worse. In addition to burns, this plant sap can also cause skin rash and abrasions.

The effects that occur even can last for many years.

What is worse if the sap is exposed to the eye. It can lead to permanent blindness.

If we come into contact with this plant, immediately wash the affected parts of the body with water and soap.

After that, try to keep away from the sun for 48 hours and do not forget to see the doctor, so that you know the next treatment.

O Yes, the sap of this plant is in every part of the tree, including the feathers and leaves. So, by touching the feathers and leaves, we can be exposed to the adverse effects above.

However, the most feared things about this phenomenon is the existence of such plant for children.

The plant looks like an umbrella, so you can imagine the kids seeing and then destroying and carrying it along with them.

This will make the kids more susceptible to the sap. What’s more, this plant sap is all over the part. In fact, just touching the leaves or feathers can make us affected.

Therefore, if you find the plant near the house not to get rid of it yourself. We recommend that you contact the relevant agencies.

The related officials also cautioned not to use grass cutters to get rid of the Giant Hogweed because the sap could splashing.

Instead, the plant should be removed by using protective clothing or crushed by using herbicide.


Dangerous plant that causes blindness - manchineel
3 Dangerous Plant That Causes Blindness 3

The next Dangerous Plant That Causes Blindness is Manchineel.

Manchineel is commonly found in the beach resorts. However, perhaps not many know, when this tree is most dangerous in the world.

The tree can be found in the Caribbean islands, the Bahamas, the Gulf of Mexico, the northern region of Latin America, the Galapagos Islands, and Florida (USA). When the Spanish sailors first discovered this plant while conquering the Americas, they named it “Arbol de la muerte”, meaning “Tree of death”.

According to Guinness World Records, Manchineel is the most dangerous tree in the world. The Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences writes, all parts of the manchineel are highly toxic, and touching or swallowing any part of the plant is likely to be fatal.

This plant has thick milk sap that comes out of a tree trunk. The sap is toxic, a little bit touched, the skin will blister like Accu water-flush. When exposed to the eye, causes severe irritation and can lead to blindness.


Dangerous plant that causes blindness -dieffenbachia
3 Dangerous Plant That Causes Blindness 4

Not only at home, Dieffenbachia ornamental plants are also often found in offices, parks and schools as decorations because the leaves look beautiful. This ornamental plant originated from Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda and thrives in tropical climates. The large, green leaves become an attraction to plant them around the house.

However, behind its beauty, this Dieffenbachia ornamental plant is a type of toxic plant, and can lead to death. The initial reaction of toxins from this plant is that the tongue will swell and immediately interfere with breathing. If not resolved immediately, the chest will be tight, unable to breathe and cause death. In addition, Dieffenbachia sap can also cause blindness.

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